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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Tip

Posted by on September 11 at 15:25 PM

Can anyone verify this tip:

I heard a rumor that recently (in the past week or two) a drunken man was taking a taxi home on E Pine st, his taxi was pulled over and the man was pulled out of the car by police and left on the sidewalk in front of Kincora. The man was too drunk to stand up for a while and when he finally did, he staggered out into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist who struck and killed him. Apparently the police were not taking statements by witnesses, and it was rumored to be that it was because they were partially to blame for leaving a drunken man on the sidewalk when he was trying to get home safely. I didn’t see anything on your website about this and I wonder if you could enlighten your readers about this. I also heard that the motorcyclist worked at Lindas and that staff members of Kincora heroically tried to give the injured man cpr even though he had sustained terrible head trauma.
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I don't know when the inital rumour supposedly took place, but last saturday at around 5:30 p.m. I was driving down Pine from 17th to get to the I-5 South ramp. As I got to Harvard and Pine, I could tell that there were medics, a fire truck, and cops on Pine street down at the block that Kincora is on. The whole block was shut down, so I detoured right on Harvard and didn't get back on Pine until I was at the street one block East of Bellevue, which isn't far down, but I coudln't tell what was going on. I was actually surpised no one slogged about it, and I scoured the PI and local news websites but came up empty handed. I wonder if this was the same incident.

Interesting. I checked the Seattle Fire Department's archive of real-time 911 dispatch (available online) and found that on Saturday, 9/2, at 5:33 pm, A25 (or aid car 25, a non-Medic One ambulance) was dispatched to Belmont and Pine for an aid response. Then, at 5:54 pm, Ladder 10 waa added to the call along with "M10" - a Medic One unit, used for more serious cases. Could this be the same incident?

uh, why isn't anyone over at Linda's and Kincora's asking the staff members there what they know? Confirming a tip sometimes just means doing reporting, asking questions with pen and pad in hand.

Of course, given the way that the mayor and police in Seattle hate and fuck with bars, perhaps none of them want to talk for the record. But shouldn't the first strategy for confirming such a bloody spectacular tip involve basic reporting 101?

Sorry I'm in such a cranky mood.

Seattle's only "newspaper" fact checks stories by asking people to confirm via their blog? Charles, you lazy fuck. You don't even have to dial 10 digits to call over to the bar. Maybe take a walk and knock on some doors.

Maybe he's done that or is doing that, and is simply soliciting readers, many of which live and hang around the area, if they observed anything. Such observational evidence you can't necessarily get from calling the bar.

Considering that I didn't check the news sites until Monday and there was STILL nothing about it, I think it's great that a Stranger staffer is looking into it. Obviously the media wasn't involved, and I have been curious as to what happened ever since I saw the mess on Saturday. I thought about asking around, but figured if it was anything important I would hear about it. Now, I am. Good work.

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