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Monday, September 11, 2006

Rudy from the Cosby Show… on COCAINE??

Posted by on September 11 at 15:31 PM

OH, HOW THE TINY HAVE FALLEN! Once adorable ragamuffin Keisha Knight Pulliam (Rudy from The Cosby Show) has been accused of doing blow. A child actor snorting cocaine?? What’s next? Knocking over convenience stores? From Bossip…

Bossip has exclusively learned that Keisha Knight Pulliam formerly of the Cosby Show (Rudy) has a cocaine habit that goes back years. Multiple sources tell Bossip that Keisha ran in an elite circle of Morehouse and Spelman students in Atlanta who dabbled in cocaine while in college.

Sources tell Bossip that Keisha came to Spelman College during her freshman year “round and plumpy” and not only used cocaine for the high, but to lose weight as well. “Cocaine was the drug of choice to lose weight for the elite group of girls at Spelman” says another source to Bossip. Sources say Keisha still does coke but her habit is “managed and covered up pretty well.”

Rudy then…

RUDY NOW! (Va-va-va-VOOM! Yo, Mr. Huxtable! Can Rudy come out and play?)

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another day, another best week ever post.

I don't know what most celebrity gossip is about as I can't recognize the names, and I haven't watched TV since 1988, but this....THIS has rocked me to my core. This feels very wrong.

Hump, where have you been all this slog!?!?! Why do we have to listen to Dan's inccensant leakage about computer litter, the monorail, dicks, monorail, his vactaion to moosebutt WI, the monorail etc, when you and others like you are out there?

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