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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Save the Dates: Olympic Sculpture Park/Expanded SAM

Posted by on September 14 at 18:09 PM

According to an announcement that fell into my inbox two seconds ago, the park opens Jan. 20-21. The new SAM downtown? May 5-6.

(The sculpture park was set to open Oct. 28, but was delayed by a concrete strike this summer.)

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FRYE (or as some idiots might start calling us - FAM)

A three week concrete strike put them back 3 months?

The OSP has had some major setbacks, what with the concrete strikes, the hemp fest problem, and multiple construction "difficulties." Not to mention that all the artistic works can't be brought in until there areas are close to being finished.
BUT! its going to be fantastic. I got a chance to see the pavilion and some of the designs, and it'll be a great place for all of Seattle to visit.

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