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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome Angela Valdez

Posted by on September 14 at 16:59 PM

Having waded into sophomore year/identity politics/politically correct waters yesterday, with a Slog about an In Other News item that relied on repeated use of the pro-noun “He,” I’m now going to air a similar political discussion that bubbled up in an e-mail exchange I had yesterday. (Oh, and p.s. “He” is the correct usage according to the Chicago Manual of Style that we follow.)

I won’t say whom I was e-mailing with … or what the discussion was about, but at some point in the back and forth, my epistolary pal said: “attractive women are over represented in their newsroomó [but] at the Stranger it’s gay men.”

Tired of the myth that the demographics in the Stranger’s editorial offices tilt “gay male” … I set my friend straight: There are currently 15 staff writers in our editorial department. 9 of them are men (and 4 of those men are gay). 6 staffers are attractive women. Meanwhile, we recently hired a new reporter, Angela Valdez. This means we will have 16 editorial staff writers, and 7 of them will be attractive women. So, in order of representation, we are 44% women, 31% straight men, and 25% gay men.

(Meanwhile, our copy editing staff is 2 attractive women. And our web editor is an attractive woman.)

Given those stats, my e-mail friend replied:” You should put something about that in the paper; I know I’m not the only one operating under that misconception.”

So, for those of you who are operating under that misconception, that’s the breakdown.

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You are clearly discriminating the hell against unattractive women. Or just polite!

Doesn't "over represented" mean "more of them than in the general population? And isn't it estimated that around 10% of the population is gay? So that would make gay males over represented at 25% of your staff.

Now, maybe Seattle demographics or Capitol Hill demographics skew more to the gay, so 25% may be right on the money or even and under representing of gays for the local area, depending on how you want to define that.

Wait, there are gay people up in here? I am furious.

Why didn't you mention the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of the male staffers?

Agreed, Lark Hawk. Also, women are still underrepresented by 6%. But being a big fag, I don't really care. Bring on another Adrian Ryan!

Women of weight, and women not considered conventionally attractive are always discriminiated against. How many women weighing over 250lbs. are on The Stranger Staff? Do the women on your staff enjoy being judged on their attractiveness rather than their writing ability?

78% of statistics are misleading.

The entire staff of The Stranger are gay men, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I know because I read it every week.

But how many of the attractive women are *single*? That's the important statistic here.

I think part of the question also is about leadership. How many women are in leadership positions versus men? (i.e. how many editors are women?)

The arts and film editors are both attractive women - Jen Graves and Annie Wagner. So the four gay men are ... Frizzelle, Savage, Schmader, and Sanders?

Dan Savage must end his oppressive, testosterone-fueled reign of terror as editor and be replaced by a fat, humorless lesbian with a bad haircut and a chip on her shoulder.

Or Cienna Madrid. She rules!!

You obviously are underrepresenting bisexual women and men on your staff. Especially hot Latinas.

I concur: more hot bisexual Latinas, with pictures. Arf! If instead you seek 250-pounders and up, I know where you can get a couple of tons of them.

Women of weight?

Sisters of size...

A sister of size and color as editor would be a nice change for The Stranger. I'd like to see what a young 250 lb lesbian queer, black or latino would do with the publication. Dan Savage is getting a little long in the tooth to be writing for 20 somethings.

What do you mean? Dan's only 29, right?

Chicago Manual of Style? It's all AP Stylebook these days, baby!

The Stranger is obviously discriminating against coyotes and sewer rats. I DEMAND JUSTICE.

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