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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on September 15 at 7:59 AM

Ford is doing a little trimming—to the tune of 10,000 cut jobs, two closed factories, and an eliminated stock dividend.

President Bush really, really wants to torture people, and he’s going to hold his breath and stomp his feet until all his fellow Republicans let him.

The F.D.A. says you should avoid bagged spinach due to an E. coli outbreak.

The House of Representatives voted to make the fence between U.S. and Mexico 700 miles longer. Fence will reportedly be made of the finest thread, impenetrable to everything but sharp objects.

Coming soon: Snoqualmie National Forest, presented by Microsoft?

Speaking of our favorite corporate monolith, Bill Gates and co. really want a piece of the iPod pie.

The Seattle Planning Commission ain’t keen on Mayor Nickels’s proposed strip club zone.

BREAKING NEWS! Elton John’s feud with George Michael is officially over.

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You forgot that Bob Ney is pleading guilty to conspiracy!!!

I just listened to some of the Bush speech today. Few other men in this world can reduce me to screaming, "You are such a fucking liar!" so quickly. Kudos.

I'm guessing his speech caused a few people to destroy their televisions--that's a good thing.

And Project Runway winner (and fellow Pennsylvanian) Jay premiers his first post show line tonight in New York City. Good luck. I imagine these judges will be tougher than those on the show. Interesting that he decided to turn down the cash and internship prize.

"Ah ain't for torture, I just want to use torture methods banned after the Korean War as inhuman and cruel"

What part of STFU doesn't GWB get?

Bush continuing to blather on about torture: harmful to Bush, harmful to Republicans, therefore a GOOD THING.

Prominent Republicans including McCain and Powell calling him on his bullshit and blocking him: bad for Bush, good for America, but also good for Republicans. This is going to put McCain in the White House in '08, I'm afraid.

Fence: doomed to not just failure but ridiculous failure. Besides, tightening the border INCREASES illegal immigration from Mexico by interfering with traditional seasonal migration.

Ford: they've offered buyouts to THREE-FOURTHS of their workforce, 75,000 of them. US car industry is dead.

The fence. The Maginot Line. The Berlin Wall. The Great Wall of China. All great successes in history.

I'm so glad the republicans are running things.

yeah, but mike, even in lefty hevean over here, we had two dems vote for the fence.

98104> that's messed up. It could be worse, you could have Jim Talent & Kit Bond as your Senators.

That hateful man has been torturing us all for 6 years already. If only we could pack him off to Gitmo and ask him a few questions.

I think we should have President Bush demonstrate each of these "non-" tortures to us personally. First we'll have him stand in 50 F temps overnight. Then we'll keep almost-drowning him for five weeks. Then we'll force him to listen to music from ... um ... the Pogues while being sleep deprived and chained for 40 hours.

If he can still stand at that point, it's time to bring the dogs in.

merzbow, make him listen to merzbow for 7 days. full blast.

The practices Bush wants to continue do not just include methods like those. They also include hanging upside down and beating the legs with baseball bats until they are "pulped" (the word used in the transcript) and the subject is dead. Bush is constantly trying to deflect attention from what is really going on. He also mentioned "making sure that those detainees in Guantanamo belong in Guantanamo", even though by our own admission the vast majority of them do not, and we have little interest in even finding out which ones do or not.

Torture and secret prisons and indefinite detention have nothing, nothing, nothing to do with information. Bush's administration is not interested in information. They are interested in destroying people, any people. They're not picky. Just hurt them.

Ford: Yeah. They are so broke they have to lay off 10,000 employees. But they can still afford to spend (roughly) $15 million to hire Mulally away from Boeing as their new CEO. Oh, and this is after they layed off 30,000 in January. How many jobs had to be cut to hire Mulally?

Well, that's just his salary. Don't forget, if you add his options, his bonus, his benefits (golf course, health care, private houses), and his retirement - you're looking at $50 million minimum. Given the usual formula, that's about the savings from firing 10,000 employees.

But we can't question the God Emporor and his Party Elites ...

If he turns the company around, he'll be a bargain. Ford is in absolutely serious danger of laying off 100% of their employees permanently, and closing their doors. Of course, he'll get paid whether he does or not.

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