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Monday, September 25, 2006

Savage Love Question of the Day

Posted by on September 25 at 13:43 PM

I’m a married male who has recently discovered the pleasure of drinking my wife’s pee. It started as a one-time fantasy and has now become a staple of our sex life; nothing gets me hornier than several mouthfuls of my wife’s piss. She’s not into pee breath, but she does like to indulge my kinks. Here’s my question: My wife has recently decided to take tamoxifen to reduce her risk of breast cancer since she’s at high risk for a variety of reasons. Is it safe for me to drink her urine if she’s taking tamoxifen? I’d ask my family doctor, but since I’d rather not have that conversation with him, I’m asking you. Can one of your expert consultants give us an answer?—Peeing Is So Sexy

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Um, I'm no medical professional, but I'd guess if it's ok for that to be in her bloodstream as a risk-aversion drug, it's probably ok to be in his?

Of course if she's on birth control, he's getting a high dose of hormones already...

Read about tamoxifen's side effects here:

and you might want to drink your dog's urine instead.

Dan, what's the update with the SL podcast?

Sure, drink it along with eating Microwave popcorn - you'll be OK. What the hell is wrong with you people out there?

There's nothing like curling up to watch TV with a glass of warm tamoxifen-laced urine and a bowl of microwave popcorn.

It's the only way to watch Ann Coulter.

In many cultures it's normal to drink your OWN urine (thwe first when you wake up urine) because it carries all the important vit's and toxins you need and it rehydrates and restores or energy... or something. I'd never do it, but it seems ok. But someone else's seem risky especially if they're taking any kind of medication or maybe even if they're the opposite sex even. Yucky.

Big non-water-soluble molecules like this are generally renedered non bio-active in urination (via glucuronidination). I'd expect this to hold for the metabolites of Tamoxifen that make it into the urine.

I'd be more worried about the potential for gonorrhea of the throat than I would have possible side effects of pissed out drug metabolites.

Savage Love is brilliant. Having a faggot answer straight people's sex questions is pure genius. I've loved this column ever since it came out and have read every one.

Dan, your son must be really proud.

I have learned a lot today. Thank you, thank you!

Dan, you should have one of your readers in Omaha go out on the street and get answers to this one from from random Americans.

If you do ask a real doctor, ask about a few other drugs too. "Can I guzzle tweeker piss? How about someone on Chemo? Should we all avoid lapping up piss if there are tobacco products in the urinal?"

Is tamoxifen, or metabolites of same, excreted via the urinary tract? Not everything is.

from 2 medical students in North Carolina: Tamoxifen and its metabolites *are* excreted in urine (as well as feces). The side effects can be serious & scary... and include (ironically) impotence. It's hard to know what dose he'd get and thus what his risks would be, but we don't think it's totally safe.


Dan I've always loved Savage love, it was even better when you called it Hey Faggot. Just curious if your son reads the column? Wondering if he tells his friends at middle school that his dad helps people feel good about drinking drug rank piss?

If so you are doing more for teen sex education than anyone else in America.

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