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Monday, September 25, 2006

Re: Burner’s Second Campaign Commercial

Posted by on September 25 at 12:31 PM

Matt Stoller of MyDD agrees: Burner’s new TV ad is much better than her last one, which Stoller critiqued pretty harshly back in August.

In praising Burner and her new ad, Stoller now writes:

She picks a fight over veterans care, emphasizes her opponent’s ties to Bush, and frames her argument in progressive language, stating sharply that sacrifice for the country means that “you will be taken care of.” This is a good ad from a netroots candidate who clearly listens to feedback.

Apparently, Burner has now won the vote of Stoller, one of the most influential liberal bloggers in the nation:

[Burner is] a newcomer to electoral politics, a post-9/11 Democrat who gets what’s going on in this country. She’s also incredibly smart, and one of the most exciting candidates this cycle.

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Why is the stranger not reporting about this guy's show in Seattle? Someone that advocates torturing and killing of gay people is going to have a show on Capitol Hill.

Oops I gues it's hard to make semi anonymous comments when I forget to strip the blog link out of my comments :P

Reichert seems like one of those empty suits you can find anywhere, so I hope Burner defeats him.


Stoller is only saying this now because we smacked him around but good when he criticized Darcy's first ad.

Darcy and her campaign told me when the first ad came out that it was their plan all along to slowly but surely escalate the tone of the subsequent ads.

So if you and Stoller want to think she put this ad out as a response to Stoller's criticism of her first ad, go ahead and think it. But it's incorrect.

I like the YouTube versions. Especially with the Squirrel Nut Zippers ...

Darcy's getting way more hard-hitting in her speeches, too. I was at a fundraiser for her Saturday night, and she's being a lot more outspoken when answering questions, which I am happy to see. Reichert is just one more vote for the likes of the Delay-Lott-Frist-and-now-McConnell (shudder) leadership cabal in Congress.

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