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Monday, September 25, 2006

Theater for TV Lovers

Posted by on September 25 at 14:05 PM

I saw A Number last Friday down at ACT Theatre. I enjoyed the play and there was a thoughtful discussion between the director and some audience members after the show. It is a two-person play, and one of the actors is a character on Lost. Sadly, this important fact was never mentioned anywhere in the theater section of the paper. Yes, indeed, Kevin Tighe, the guy who plays Locke’s dad on Lost! The play goes into some touchy father-son issues—I wanted to yell out “give Locke back his kidney!” the whole time. However, I kept it to myself. Tighe also was on the 1970s television show Emergency.

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AND he played the owner of the Double Duece in Patrick Swayze's Road House!

He's also a staple in John Sayles's pictures (e.g. Matewan, Eight Men Out, City of Hope).

It's absurd that ACT didn't push this angle HARD. A few tip-offs to the right LOST bloggers and podcasters would have resulted in an avalanche of ticket sales.

Shame. It's a great play, too.

Too expensive. The marginal utility of paying over $15 for a show isn't all that high.

This is what's killing theatre, as much as many producers and companies refusing to adapt. Enough Shakespeare and Our Town revivals! Can you imagine if studios just remade Citizen Kane and Gone With the Wind every year instead of making new movies?

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