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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Reichert Not Convinced Global Warming is Real (Even Though President Bush Is)

Posted by on September 27 at 11:24 AM

Eastside Republican Congressman Dave Reichert sits on the House Science Committee, but he’s not sure whether global warming is really a problem, according to the Seattle Times.

Last week, Reichert, of Auburn, said he remained unsure about climate change or what role humans might play.

“The problem is, you have some scientists who say it’s happening, and some who say it’s not happening. The problem is the Sierra Club says that every scientist says it is,” said Reichert, a member of the House Science Committee.

“I’m going to wait until all the facts are in. There were many scientists who used to say the world was flat.”

And in the meantime, Reichert has just given the Democrats a great new opening for an attack ad. As the Times points out, rather damningly:

Reichert’s questions about the existence of global warming are contrary to positions taken by the U.S. Senate, Goldman Sachs, the insurance giant Swiss Re, the National Academy of Scientists and the 100-nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Guess who else has admitted that global warming is real (although he says he still isn’t sure of its cause)? Well, it’s President Bush, who said flatly in March of this year:

First of all, the globe is warming.

And in June:

I have said consistently that global warming is a serious problem. There’s debate over whether it’s man-made or naturally caused…

But as the Times reported, Reichert remains unsure of whether global warming is even happening, nevermind why it is happening. That puts supposedly moderate Reichert to the right of Bush on one of the biggest environmental issues of the day.

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Hey. It's not really any warmer here, and we haven't had any hurricanes this year, so that proves to me that global warming is just something cooked up by far-left liberal college professors who hate private industry, and are looking to get government grant money.

Did I mention that I caught the green river killer bare handed and that I'm a Christian? It might also interest you to know that I'm naked as I type this, and have my webcam up and running.

Reichart just needs to keep his talking points straight. He's still using the old justification for not doing anything: "It isn't happening." As Bush's statement clearly illustrates,
the fossil-fuels-industry-endorsed justifications for inaction have moved on. The current rationalization for not doing anything is "maybe it's not caused by humans, and until we know for sure it is we should keep right on pumping CO2 into the atmosphere."

A perfect illustration of the various retreating positions of the let's-ignore-it crowd can be found in this delightful cartoon: Voila!

I wonder what Martin Tobias would say about this..

And to the right of Pat Robertson, of all people, who admitted that he now believes in global warming as being real.

I drive my hybrid car to Wholefoods where I only buy sustainable organic produce. If everyone would do the same we could stop global warming. I even took an eco-vacation to Belize last year and demanded organic meals at restaurants there.

The Al Gore movie proved Global Warming was caused by The Republicans. That's why The Red States won't help stop Global Warming. I'm glad Seattle and The Stranger are doing everything they can to stop global warming.

A better ad: Dave Reichert driving Uncle Sam off a flat earth.

"There used to be many scientists who used to say the world is flat."

Um, no. No scientist ever believed the world is flat. Not everything Dave Reichert learned in first grade is true. The curvature of the earth was well known long before Columbus sailed. All you have to do is watch a ship sail into the horizon to see it.

Sounds like he is qualified as long as the Repubs get to write the job description.

I don't expect much anymore from anyone who calls themselves a conservative. Can't say they didn't do it to themselves... making themselves untrustworthy and all.

The funny thing is that Reicherdt should know global warming is real, because his growing nose is melting in the hotter weather.



Is there anything more pitiful than an empty-suit Republican parroting the talking points from LAST WEEK? What, didn't KKKarl get him this week's memo?

I feel a little bit - a very little bit - sorry for Reichert. He is so utterly clueless. He's probably a very nice man, but gawd, have you ever heard him speak? He sounds like a brain damage case.

At least he acknowledges the world isnĀ“t flat.

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