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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What Crawled Up Your Ass and Lied?

Posted by on September 27 at 11:46 AM

Ladies and gentlemen: The George W. Bush Butt Plug.


I don’t think there’s much a resemblance between the plug and the president. But with a little santorum caked on its face this plug will be just as repulsive.

Via Fleshbot.

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Funny politician name definitions are the way to show these politico's what the people really think. Santorum was a good start. Let's all do what we can to get new definitions out there. Please add this Lieberman definition to your dictionary. -

Santorum - That frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes a byproduct of anal sex.

Lieberman - noun - A clot of blood than forms on an infant's penis if the Rabbi doesn't suck the blood away quick enough. -- The Rabbi used his tongue to dislodge the Lieberman that had formed on the penis. (There are three stages required for the performance of a ritually correct circumcision in Jewish law: the removal of the foreskin; the tearing of the underlying membraene so as to expose the glans completely; and the sucking away of the blood, m'tsitsah)see-

who comes up with this sorta shit? (no pun intended)

The extra wide base is a very very good idea. One would not want to have to explain that one in the ER.

I've heard the BBP will stop Santorum.

Like I'd let that scumbag anywhere near MY naughty bits.

Yikes! Too many angles.

It's base doesn't lean far enough to the right.

Holy shit!

Just in case you guys want to get one of these little Presidents...we have them at


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