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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Re: Warm Up for Liveslogging Sunday!

Posted by on September 26 at 9:59 AM

I see Chicago Fan has started his trash-talking a little early. Good for him. Being a rabid Cubs fan, he needs a little boost to the self-esteem right now. Actually, he’s needed a boost since April.

As for Sunday’s game, here’s a prediction: Seattle’s D will make Rex “Glassman” Grossman look like Kerry Collins. Did you see what the Carolina Panthers did to Chris Simms on Sunday? Grossman should get his name on organ donor lists now.

(Tune in Sunday at 5:30 pm for the Liveslogging event of the year: A Bears fan slogging from a bar in Chicago vs. a Seahawks fan slogging from behind his bong in Seattle. It ain’t gonna be pretty.)

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Thin crust forever, ya clowns.

Dude, spleens are sssoooooo overrated. The Seahawks will be taking Grossman's entire Reticuloendothelial system, bitches!

Live blogging about sports is an awesome idea. Kick back with a brewsky, watch television and be online all at the same time. Great way to get away from cranky bitches like gurldoggie for a while. Corporate Sports are one of the best things about the American way of life.

please. grossman is an ex-gator. he'll own the seahawks.

Let me get this straight: You think I should be on my computer, constantly hitting "refresh" so I can read what some drunk/stoned idiots have to say about the game? Oh, I can add my own personal comments in, at the bottom, if I want to...

It's no suprise Josh is all for this. Sounds as much fun as watching paint dry or the IDF destroy industrial infrastructure. Baseball, cricket, chess, these are games you can watch & read the Slog at the same time. Football? Not so much. _Especially_ the biggest game of the season, the NFC Championship come early.

Grossman has got to be the most overrated QB I've seen since... well, heh, Chris Simms.

He was a mistake-prone wild child at Florida and it's only good game planning by the Bears (like their usual running the ball 6734826432 times a game, working the clock, shortening the game and letting their defense keep the game low scoring and close) that prevents him from exposing his fatal flaws.

Being online watching a game while knocking back brewski and smokin' a bowl is the perfect way to spend the afternoon with the guys.

Anyone who is against football and being online, just doesn't understand what makes America great. I can't wait to be online with Dan Savage and his brother as they live slog football. Fuckin' great!

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