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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nice Dog, Good Dog

Posted by on September 26 at 9:51 AM

Did you get an IKEA catalogue in the mail recently? If you did, you might want to turn to page two and check out the picture of the dog. If the dog has a huge, hard, hairy, and distinctly human looking penis, then you are the proud owner of a collectable IKEA catalogue. From

A staff member in the catalogue office has superimposed a penis onto the dog on Page 2 of the latest North American Ikea catalogue. The stunt has already been passed around the globe in e-mails, resulting in some surprise guerilla marketing for the Swedish company.

About six million copies of the catalogue have been distributed in Canada, and 175 million go out globally—all with the same opening picture.

Ikea already updated their online catalogue, and are changing all their print catalogues as we speak. But is this something they missed, or was this done on purpose.

One thing for sure is that now alot more people are looking through Ikea catalogues.

And here’s the offending image…


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You have to admit, if any of you humans was born with a canine looking penis, you'd be as sullen looking as the dog in the picture too.

That's a leg, you puritan weirdos.


*sigh* Boing Boing reported on this last week. According to the CTV article online, IKEA says that the image was not tampered with and it's just the dog's leg.

"A staff member in the catalogue office has superimposed a penis onto the dog"

Bullshit, they did. That's the dog's knee.

wow, that dog is HUNG!

Are you saying that Dan Savage can't tell the difference between a man's penis and a dog's knee?

Penis, knee, man on dog, dog on man ... they all look the same to Dan.

I googled this and it's stale month old news. It's just the dogs knee and tail. Can anyone post additional month old internet hoaxes that are entertaining.

Every time this happens (like C3P0's penis), someone always assumes it's a prank/disgruntled employee.

This reminds me of the famous Sears swimsuit model whose "penis" (actually a bit of drawstring) was claimed by many to be on view. I'm not sure which is sadder: being taken in by it, or having millions of people mistake string for your willie.

If the dog resided in Enumclaw, there'd be a differt spin, I suspect.

yeah, that caught my eye when I was flipping through the catalog a couple of months back - but my wife insisted it was just an optical illusion

kinda bizarre picture to choose, though, given the illusion - esp on such a white couch

actually, the more interesting story about IKEA is that it's wholly owned by a Dutch non-profit charitable foundation, as I found out when I was investigating buying stock in the company

turns out, though, Dutch non-profits are a lot like American ones: though supposedly set up for the public benefit, they often are run for the benefits of the founders and boards members

found this out today after googling further into the corporate structure, and finding this Economist article:

Wow. A Slog posting that's not only old, but wrong? I'm shocked, shocked I tells ya...

Sorry, guys, I have the catalogue in question and I must dissent: knee or not, that looks like a fucking cock.

Well it's not on Snopes as a hoax so maybe it's real. You guys are such cynics.

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