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Sunday, September 3, 2006

50% More Computer Monitors at 14th & Howell

Posted by on September 3 at 19:42 PM

On Friday there were four computer monitors in the traffic circle at 14th & Howell on Capitol Hill. Tonight I rode by and there were six


Someone is also taping notes to the monitors in the traffic circle asking the people who, um, have already left their computor monitors in the traffic circle at 14th & Howell not to leave their computer monitors in the traffic circle at 14th & Howell.

“Please don’t just leave them here,” the note reads, addressing a reader who has already left them there.

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that circle is sad. I used to live on that corner. trucks drive straight over it. people plant there but it's hopeless.

I suggest planting a mine there. That would solve the problem of trucks driving over it.

That circle clearly needs more computer monitors.

Will someone please remove that eyesore of a traffic cone?

Fill the computer monitors with concrete. That'll do the trick.

Freaking hell, I spotted TWO discarded monitors over at 23rd and Aloha (one block north, whatever that cross street is on a little flatiron triangle there).

Obviously, what I said in my comment on the previous post is happening. Some outfit is collecting computer monitors, charging the owners $10 or $15 for disposal (the going rate), and then dumping them around town.

This becomes a hazmat situation now. Call the county.

I can't wait until spring when that circle is full of marijuana. Maybe by then the monitors will be broken up and dripping with toxins.

Ever seen "Class of Nuke 'Em High?" The nuclear weed was wicked.

So, uh, if it bugs you so much, why don't you go and pick up some of them?

well, sooner or later computers will take place of flowers and plants... so the sooner the better to start "planting" electronics into the earth. Why not start with traffic circles?! perfectly safe and the trucks will care more for the computers than the flowers, non?

The time will have to come where the legal system mandates that all items manufactured have to be recycleable and toxics able to be rendered neutral. Until then, a note on a pile of lead-filled, antiquated monitors should do.

For those who don't know, RE PC (1565 Sixth Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98134) will dispose of used computer monitors for a $10 fee. Dumping in the street is just plain lazy and irresponsible.

"I suggest planting a mine there. That would solve the problem of trucks driving over it."

Better - plant a MIME there. That way most trucks wouldn't drive over it, and if they did, the world is rid of another mime.

What's worse than an ignorant redneck?

An ignorant capitol hill "hipster".

So would that make an ignorant redneck who moved to Seattle and remade hisself as an ignorant capitol hill "hipster" twice as bad? Hmm.. perhaps you should start a new hate group.

Computers are cute and all, but I'd like a report on the shooting that happened on cap hill last week.

Part of me sorta loves the spontaneous organic pop art being created. But a larger part of me is appalled at the laziness, stupidity, the toxic waste, and what it says about our culture.

Is it art? Or is it a garbage dump? Can it be both?

Spontaneous public art moments like this are why I live in a city. If you let go of the art-not art binary and allow new ideas to come into your awareness, a simple traffic circle can become a moment of transformation.

I love the monitoring the monitors slog posting. Dan Savage is a genius for being in touch with the vibe of the moment.

"Hipsters" become ignorant sycophants when their hijinks in "art" become a public nuissance and moreover conspicous pulluting.

Fuck everyone one of you assholes polluting this traffic circle.

how about making a _new_ traffic circle out of computer monitors.

that would be useful. god knows i could use a traffic circle next to my place...

Someone should tape a response note next to it that says, "Sorry. Your neighborhood sucks."

comment #20 FTW!!

We just drove by a monitor sitting by the side of the road on 23rd near Aloha. wtf?

It's funny how just because this (particular trash dumping) is on Capitol Hill it's been assumed that it's "art" made by some "hipster".

Is it my neighborhood that sucks, GOMEZ and SEATTLE98104, or your ignorant pejudicial bullshit?

Sorry, Reactionist-Train, it's just your neighborhood.

Is it art?

Charles Mudede knows, but he's not telling.

If it's just trash dumping, though, then this situation is still politically interesting. With respect to busted CRTs (monitors and televisions), the city of Seattle has a de facto libertarian policy— citizens have to pay for someone to dispose of their garbage safely, and they have to arrange for transport of the garbage on their own to boot.

Predictably, under such a system, there are some citizens who are not, for whatever reasons, particularly inclined to go to the trouble and expense of safe disposal, and so they just leave the garbage to rot on their property (if they own any), or better yet, on public land (if any exists and is conveniently accessible).

A-TRAIN failed irony 101.

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