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Sunday, September 3, 2006


Posted by on September 3 at 14:06 PM

Running through Interlaken Park this morning, Fleetwood Mac’s “I Don’t Want to Know” from Rumours came on. This reminded me of Janet Bloomberg’s Bas Mitzvah, but it also reminded me that R.E.M. should cover Rumours from start to finish for their last album.

R.E.M. Rumours.

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I always thought that would be such a cool idea: a popular band covers an entire legendary album from wire to wire, with their sound.

... as long as it doesn't lead to, say, Lil John and the Eastside Boyz covering OK Computer. THIS SUIT MAKES YO AZZ LOOK PRETTY UGLY- WHAT?!

Or Phish covering every hippie album under the sun. Oh, wait.

Josh, I think you're going to dig the Camper Van Beethoven cover of 'Not That Funny' on the CTHULHU soundtrack.

Here's a puzzler I just encountered:
You want to fill your 5-disc changer with the Stones. Slots 1-4 go to Let It Bleed, Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main St., undoubtly the best four album run in rock history. But which Stones album takes the remaining slot?

Some Girls

Great album, but not the same feel as the others. Think continuity.

More importantly, how was the run?

Uh, Goats Head Soup. Star Fucker is cool.

Uh, Goats Head Soup. Star Fucker is cool.

rem isn't as talented as mac. no one can play guitar like lindsey. he's a wonder of the guitar world. and while rem could certainly do lindsey's wail and stevie's whine, noone in the band could do christine's utter naive sweetness.

sorry mate. leave perfection alone.

Camper Van Beethoven did a cover of the entire "Tusk" album. It's really good, but hard to find. :)

People who hate Phish are weird. They know so little about the band they for some reason despise.

The "hippie" albums they covered for their "musical costume" shows included The Who's Quadrophenia, Talking Heads' Remain in Light, Velvet Underground's Loaded, Dark Side of the Moon, and The White Album. The last two are arguably "hippie albums," but inarguably great. The others? Not so much.

It's not Phish that you dislike, it's Phish fans - a defensible position. But leave the music out of it, they were extremely talented, and one of the best live acts in many years.

Justin J -- Agreed. Every band will have some kind of Revolution #9 fantasy cover in their head at some point, but Camper Van Beethoven's Tusk cover is a good time.

...because that's what it is:. "Tusk #9". A hoot.

while you're at it, can you please get reggie watts to cover the stones' beast of burdern? that would kill.

Only religious idiots believe in Bas Mitvah. Christians don't want teenagers to fuck and Jews think god wants them to suck blood out of baby cocks and believe god won't let you read the bible in public until you Bas Mitvah. Only idiots believe in religion.

The Torah is good for wiping your ass with, the bible works just as well.

Even New York Public Health can't stop Rabbis from sucking blood from baby cock because god tells them to. Check out what Slate says;

Josh are you really religious or something? Why mention Bas Mitvah? Isn't that some idiotic religious ceremony?

Terry Miller, Peter Buck is a better guitar player.

Don, I'm not even spiritual, but Janet Bloomberg's Bas Mitzvah was unstopppable teenage witchcraft.

Tonguey Tongue, I'm with you on Goat's Head Soup and Star Fucker.

Grant Cogswell, That sounds cool. Are you in town?

I'm not religious or spiritual either. But I agree that Bas Mitzvah is an unstoppable movement in Judaism. I'm an athiest Jew, but I do celebrate all the major Jewish, not in any spritual way though.

A great cover album is Laibach's version of Let It Be. All sorts of good.

josh - no, peter is not. period. listen to lindsey's third solo album, out of the cradle, for insane speedmetal type fm radio licks, noone plays like lindsey. have you heard the guitar at the beginning of "big love"? and i've seen him do it all live, no post-recording studio shenanigans. lindsey is a true guitar god, josh. all peter buck does is strum chords... slowly.

now stop geeking out.

I AM in town, daddy-o. Lindsay Buckingham is the fogging shiznatch. You can find the Camper 'Tusk' at that record store by Powell's on Burnside in Portland. Hilarious, brilliant and respectful pot-flavored reinterpretation of an accidental masterpiece. My brother, born in 1983, turned me on to the original. My phone is crapped out (what's up with Capitol Hill and the cell phones today?) so let's use the comments log of your post as our email.

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