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Thursday, August 10, 2006

They Don’t Know What Year it Is Now, Either

Posted by on August 10 at 11:01 AM

Thirty percent of Americans don’t know in what year the September 11 attacks took place, according to a Washington Post poll.

Of that group, six percent gave an earlier year, eight percent gave a later year, and 16 percent admitted they had no idea whatsoever.

Five percent had no idea on what month and day the attacks occurred, either.

How much did John Kerry lose by again?

(Thanks, Eli, for the headline!)

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A good mnemonic device is that it was 911 days before the March 11 2004 Madrid bombings. Just count backwards.

And you can remember the March 11 bombings because there used to be a shitty band called 311, I think.

Most Americans are idiots. Israel has a population that is smarter, better educated, and better informed about the world. These American idiots do make decent soldiers though. You don't have to remember what day it is to shoot a gun. Just point and shoot at the islamo-fascist.

American Jews as a group are much more intelligent than the rest of the ignorant population. Seattle has the most educated population of all cities.

Red States are chock full of uneducated crackers who love Bush. It's frightening. Seattle is an island of educated, enlightened people sorrounded by a sea of stupidity. If the whole nation was like Seattle there would be no war of global warming.

Must be the same folks who believe gas prices will drop and hold at $1/gal once the "liberals" start helping instead of hurting the war effort.

Oceania is no longer at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

At least they didn't ask when the War of 1812 was, Americans are probably worse at history than current events.

This country's public schools are so, so bad in most places. That will be the cause of our demise.

It was in the First Year of our Glorious Leader's Reign, all Hail the Reichsfuhrer!

There were no years before then.

9-11-01. I type it out because 9-11 is a day we see every year, but 9-11-01 only happened once.

I know Americans are stupid, but even I can't believe people have already forgotten the year this happened. Gaw Bless Merka indeed.

Wait, what month did September Eleven take place in? I can't remember, I was getting my nails done.

I think it was October.

I like pie.

Mmmm, pie.

Pie is good.

The terrorists hate us for our American apple pie!

I was once sitting in a discussion class of about 30 kids in college - this was at a very competitive and selective university, too - and the TA started throwing out really simple history questions like when was the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, World War II, and the kids, mostly first and second years (I was a senior), were like "I dunno, gee, that's, like, hard..."

Of course the TA was a really good looking young guy and a lot of the students were giggly girls who were twirling their hair and flirting with him, so maybe they were acting the part.

He asked if anyone knew when WWII took place and got back the answer "Uhh, Like, the '50's??". I gave him a look of disbelief so he knew that I knew the answers without having to raise my hand and be *that* person and he gave me back a look that said "no kidding- it's always like this".

Then he shot me a look like "ok, watch this" and proceeded to ask the class if anyone knew when Elvis went into the army. Hands shot up all over the place immediately and half the class started shouting "Ooooo!! 1957!! 1957!!"

And they seemed so proud of themselves that they finally got one.

It notes that 95% of the people who didn't know were over 55, which would mean that at least 30% of the US population is over 55 . . . which it totally isn't. About 19% of the population is over 55, but the landline-having, survey-answering population is a different matter. This is why phone surveys are bullshit.

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