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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Netflix Mon Amour: Confederate States of America

Posted by on August 10 at 11:20 AM

Yes, and you thought that I just queue glorious skip-through cheese. Joke’s on you, then—apparently, I also queue deeply flawed mockumentaries as well. Annie Wagner reviewed CSAback in March (all the way at the bottom of the link), when it was at the Guild 45th for a week or so, but it was just released on DVD this past Tuesday. (In case you missed its week in the sun: CSA is a fictional documentary about the South winning the Civil War.)
Although Annie’s review is right—the movie is paced poorly and not thought through in any real way—I still feel as though CSA is worth a toss in the queue, especially because the humor probably works best at home. It’s funny in the way that good standup about race relations is funny: you laugh, and then you squirm, and then you wonder exactly why you laughed in the first place. It’s certainly more effective than—if not as reliably funny as—Sarah Silverman. Plus, it’s always kind of academically exciting to see a mainstream American movie question Abraham Lincoln’s motives—it’s when they put Abraham Lincoln in blackface and make him sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” that you begin to wonder if the whole thing is a good idea. I’m glad I rented it, but I’m glad I only rented it, if you catch my drift.

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This movie is a reminder of just how bad the red states are. Living in Seattle we are sorrounded by a sea of ignorant crackers who want to own slaves and elect Hitler president. Seattle is educated, the rest of the country doesn't even know what year it is. If the whole country was like Seattle, there would be no war or global warming.

Mockumentaries rely on humor to make you think. Apparently, you got some of the jokes but were lost on the substance.
CSA works to reveal and reminds us prejudice active in our society and history. Something many PC types love to distance themselves from by "reviewing" things into the memory hole.
Although a lot of it was tongue in cheek it presented a disturbingly viable alternative history. Especially, when you consider that "Birth of a Nation" was produced after the North won the Civil War.
I'd recommend it. It is nicely disturbing.

"If the whole country was like Seattle, there would be no war or global warming."

Kimberly! How's that sustainable produce?

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