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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mysteries of the universe unraveling

Posted by on August 22 at 17:30 PM

After painstakingly observing two galaxies collide at 10 million miles per hour, scientists think they have proof that dark matter exists! Dark matter doesn’t emit or reflect enough light to actually be detected directly, but scientists have long believed that they can infer that it exists because of its effects on visible matter. For example, astro-stud Fritz Zwicky first theorized the existense of dark matter back in the 1930s. From Wikipedia:

Zwicky estimated the total amount of mass in a cluster of galaxies… based on the motions of the galaxies near the edge of the cluster. When he compared this mass estimate to one based on the number of galaxies and total brightness of the cluster, he found that there was about 400 times more mass than expected.

That weighty difference? The best they could come up with was calling it “dark matter.” Anyway, now, “We’ve closed this loophole about gravity, and we’ve come closer than ever to seeing this invisible matter,” says University of Arizona scientist Doug Clowe.

Check out the NASA’s press release if you want to be a real nerd.

via boingboing

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Who cares about dark matter. There are only 8 planets now. Last week there were 12. The week before there were 9.

Don't mess with my Pluto!

All this is just New Age bullshit. Next thing they'll try and pull on us is that time is relative, not absolute.

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