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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Posted by on August 22 at 16:59 PM

This week’s Stranger has the following starred item listed under the Wednesday 8/23 Live/DJ listings:

BUS STOPóDJ One of God’s Beautiful Creatures spinning Mooncity Plaza Hotel, free.

The Bus Stop is at 508 E. Pine St.

Expect: Without irony, Highway Star for the teenage revolution circa 1972, civil rights teen pop circa 1963, shards of ideological new wave guitar circa 1979, glowing Bill Evans records from 1959, and, of course, a song or two from the 28th Album, Ho Chi Minh City.

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"civil rights teen pop circa 1963"??

Yes, "civil rights teen pop circa 1963."
And to quote John Lewis from his speech (right before King went on): "There will be no cooling off period."

But how will the DJ work Thrill Kill Kult in there? Is it possible? I'll be there to find out.

I luv Thrill Kill Kult. Christian Zombie Vampire, or whatever it's called, is a wonderful song.

ho chi minh city, 1975.

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