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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Morning News

Posted by on August 23 at 7:02 AM

Iran refuses to consider suspending its nuclear program during “serious talks”.

Relief groups in Lebanon avoid handing out aid to Hezbollah members — but are having a hard time telling who is and isn’t a member.

Police questions Israeli president Moshe about allegations of sexual harrassment from two employees.

New Orleans, a year after Katrina

Seven states still have archaic cohabitation laws on the books (ruling it illegal for unmarried couples to live together) — and 1.6 million Americans are breaking them.

Microsoft is filing suit against “cybersquatters” — people who register web site addresses with common misspellings and trademarked names to attract some accidental traffic.

Proposed Seattle booze ban raises some ire among small shop owners.

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The Booze ban is pure bullshit. Yes, there are homeless obliteration drunks. But there are drunks in all socio-economic levels.
Why don't they ban mojitos in Belltown? At least homeless people aren't driving around in giant SUVs.
Humans love booze. Rich ones, poor ones, AA ones.

That argument is naive. Cheap, high octain beer kills. It causes giant social problems and it does the poor person no good to be passed-out on the street with piss all over them.

LANCET, your argument is even more naive. Take away cheap booze, alcoholics will drink Lysol. That shit used to happen on Indian Reservations all the time.

msft does this every few years... though all the big ones do similar things when it comes to their "image". Google really takes issue when they're used as anything other than a proper noun, and Apple doesn't want anyone to user the word "pod" (, evar.

ps, your spam filter doesn't trip on MORE than 2 links, it trips on 2. might want to either recalibrate that beast or update your "oh no" text...

The booze ban might make more sense if they were more upfront about the class basis for it. It's not about "high alcohol content", as they claim; ordinary table wine is still allowed, and it's a lot stronger than "malt liquour". What's illegal is CHEAP booze, basically, of a kind preferred by low-class indviduals -- high-percentage beers (for beers), high-percentage wines (for wines).

In France all the street drunks are passed out on cheap regular wine, which can be had for a buck a bottle or less.

The real problem, of course, is that street drunks have no place to go, so they hang out on the street. In the old days, they had crappy SRO rooms to crash in. Wishing they would just go away is unrealistic, what you might call a "George Bush" idea. Unless the city is willing to just lock them all up forever, they're here to stay.

"suspending it’s nuclear program"

SARAH! Using an apostrophe in a possessive "its" ? BAD UNPAID INTERN! NO BISCUIT!

And what the hell is an "arachaic" ?

Josh, get this girl an automatic coffee maker!

I think it would be a good idea to flood the police tip hotlines in these 7 states that have archaic cohabitation laws and report suspicious habitations, demanding police action.

The booze ban is economic discrimination, pure and simple. I'll bet that it's a bunch of yuppies calling in to complain.

This reminds me of something that happened in Boston recently:
A large number of yuppies moved to the North End, the famous Italian district (because they found themselves priced out of nicer areas). It was these same people who then wanted to cancel the Italian Festival, because it brought too much noice and bad behaviour to the neigborhood.

My feelings on this and many issues is that rich people make themselves heard better than poor people. Rich people vote and make phone calls and threats. Poor working folks like myself need to do the same. If they think you'll vote, they'll listen.

They WHAT? Those festivals MAKE the North End, they're great. I would LOVE to live in the middle of that. Sometimes the streets are knee-deep in confetti after the procession goes by.

To be fair, though, the North End like any neighborhood changes; it hasn't always been Italian. Before that it was Jewish, and before that it was Boston's free black neighborhood.

(Ok, though it has been Italian for a while (incidentally, I think they were unsucessfull)...)

I also forgot, they give money to politicians....

I don't think anyone's trying to be discreet about the motive for the booze ban. They want to disperse the homeless drunks. So, the homeless have a couple choices: a. drink Pine-Sol; b. stop drinking booze; c. go to Ballard and drink cheap booze there.

Yeah, well, they're "dispersing" them into Fremont and Ballard, and we pay taxes too!

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