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Monday, August 21, 2006

Learn to Fly

Posted by on August 21 at 10:30 AM

I drove through Vancouver, WA this weekend and came across this stunning sign:


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What a coincidence, but it has been almost five years, so, moving on.

I'll be flying Norfolk->Seattle on September 11. I figure the airports will be less crowded that day.

Israel killed a lot of terrorists and their children in Lebanon so many people are a moving on with their lives. We must not change our way of living or the terrorists will have won.

Sure, we should all move on with our lives, yeah.

And we also shouldn't just forget the date entirely, y'know?

And if we run businesses, maybe we should try not to be jaw-droppingly tone-deaf in our advertising, if not our scheduling, right?

Ominously, the school does not offer classes in how to land.

I'm not advocating we forget the day it happened. How can we, when we have a president who brings it up all of the time? It is one of those days of infamy, or whatever, but I don't think that the flight school was being insensitive, that's all.

Insensitive? Who said anything about insensitive? The charge is "jaw-droppingly tone-deaf," not "insensitive." I'm talking about simple business sense here, not social decorum.

The discourse we label "History" is an unfolding process, one date is no more important than any other. A new Simpson's episode has the same weight as 9/11. Let go and move on.

Okay, it's "jaw-droppingly ton-deaf". I get the irony of it. I'm sure jaws dropped on campus.

irony/coincidence pfft
hey, in 20 years we'll celebrate the 911 Silver Jubilee at Hotdog On A Stick!

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