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Monday, August 21, 2006

Letter to the Art Director

Posted by on August 21 at 10:31 AM


Corianton Hale, Art Director,

So, I’m picking up my weekly edition of the stranger and I turn to my girlfriend and ask if that’s a picture of Alki on the cover. She looks at it and says that’s Alki and you. I looked and sure enough there is my bloated self.

That got me wondering why someone would take my picture and why someone else would think it’s Stranger cover worthy.

I’m progressive and a member of a local trade union, local 242. I’m an environmentalist, metaphysically inclined, and treat everyone I meet with respect regardless of race, orientation or anything else. I support local artists and music so, I’m kind of in alignment with The Stranger. Maybe that’s why I’m on the cover.

But, when I really think about it, it’s because I was snoring so loud that day, I was waking myself up and scaring the kids into the water. Thanks for giving myself and my friends a huge laugh.

Steve Olson,

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You mean that's just another fat repulsive progressive on the cover? Thought it was el-Rushbo, zoned on oxy.

That man is not repulsive—or, by US standards, all that big. He's the apple of Cori's eye, too.

At least he has a sense of humor about it.

Yeah, dude's sexy. Deal with it.

Seconded, completely hot.

Thirded. Totally. I send word via a friend to Alice Wheeler thanking her for the eye candy.


As the author of an acclaimed #1 national best seller, Molly Ivins is a Big Fat Idiot, I (and my accountant) appreciate persons of size. Really we do.

The cover looks like a Red State, idiot, fat ass. All Red State types are fat, dumb and love George Bush. Seattle is progressive, educated, and cultured.

He's beautiful. But, hey, Steve! It sounds like you need to get into a sleep center. If you snore and wake yourself up, you're probably not breathing for moments at a time, the result of sleep apnea. It can cause early death by heart failure, day time napping, and, um, not trying to be funny, but it also can cause (or be caused by) excessive weight. Seriously, if you have health insurance, get on it. I have been using a nighttime sleep machine (a CPAP) for four years that keeps me breathing all night long, and it made a huge difference in daytime alertness and health.

Three kids? I'd take this wonderful nap every time.

Rock on Steve, your sense of humor is refreshing.

someone help him with some sunscreen please!

Hey guys thanks for ALL the comments, I think "guys" is a unisex term isn't it. Yes, I have insurance,(union benefit)no, those aren't my kids, And I consider myself fat but, my big frame carries it with grace.

Hey, Steve took it in stride, and that's cool. There are many who would've been offended at being portrayed in a relatively unflattering manner.

I thought it was a very cool cover.

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