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Monday, August 7, 2006

Guy Gone Wild

Posted by on August 7 at 9:18 AM

The body of jaw-dropping journalism devoted to Joe Francis, the creepy mastermind of the Girls Gone Wild “empire” continues to grow.

Following last year’s bizarre article in Radar (chronicling Francis’ apparent imprisonment and sexual humiliation at the hands of an enemy) comes another juicy Francis expose—this one from the Los Angeles Times.

The LA Times story starts with the (female) reporter being pinned by Francis against the hood of a car, ends with a police officer encouraging the reporter to press charges, and goes a million icky places in between. Read it.

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Between Hoffman's award-worthy, beautifully reported and composed piece, Ann Powers' recent presence, and the serious drop in quality at the NY Times, I think it's time to start picking up the L.A. Times on Sunday instead of the former "paper of record."

Only if they can wrestle Will Shortz away.


I just finished reading that article and I am sick to my stomach sad about the fact that there's alot of people out there who celebrate Joe F and his actions. I can't figure out who is more evil: Joe Francis or Walmart.

You CAN'T? Are you mentally ill? The guy's a rapist, a child pornographer, a bully, and a serial assaulter, and you can't tell if he's worse than a big store or not? Fascinating.

Great article. The guy is a sleaze bucket. The interview of the 17 year old who is turning 18 is heartbreaking.

I was left wondering why she( the reporter) did not press any charges or why she would have to, if the cop witnessed the whole assault?

Gross. That is just fucking gross. I always thought GGW was lame, just legal quasi-pedophilia for those threatened by actual adult women, but now I'm convinced the founder is the male version of Mary Kay LeTourneau. Gross.


AND he made me have an argument with my husband about the type of men who find Barely Legal teens titillating; I maintain that what they really want is the ones that are NOT legal, but they're (barely) maintaining their own legal status.


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