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Monday, August 7, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on August 7 at 8:00 AM

Fidel Castro: He’s gonna die. But it looks like the Cuban dictator’s death watch may last longer than John Paul II’s, the late Catholic dictator.

US Troops: Reinforcements arrive in Baghdad. Is it the other 200,000 troops Gen. Shinseki said we’d need to pacify Iraq? Ah, nope.

Cindy Sheehan: Back in Crawford.

Middle East: Israeli warplanes pounding Lebanon.

Pacific Northwest: US warplanes delight suburbanites pounding beers.

Joe Lieberman: Threatened Dem explains his stance on Iraq. But can he explain this? Or this?

Jack Abramoff: Republican scandal claims another victim.

Seattle Man: Too pretty?

Alaska Oil Field: Shut down cuts 8% of US oil production.

Tiger Woods: Pretty good at this golf thing.

Showbox: Small fire at Seattle Club.

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It's not too early to look at men seeking men in Craig's List?

I thought it was only proper to wait until after 9am.

What have I been missing...damn it!!!

his chin throws a curveball to the left.

This is why Craigslist is killing off newspapers.

love the audio with the slideshow. as if we didn't all spend the last four days trying not to hear screaming jet engines.

Now I know why I haven't scored in a while. I'm too damn pretty! And so are most of my friends! How about the rest of you?

Abramoff, not Abromoff. Too bad; I was hoping Ney would stick around to the bitter end, like Kathleen Harris in Florida, and drag the miserable SOB Republican governor candidate down with him.

Thanks, Fnarf. Change made.

Scariest line from the Castro article:

...Rice insisted on Sunday an invasion was not in the works.

Why does this even need to be stated? Jesus! Are we so invasion-happy now?

Ivan Cockrum: Bush is the "war president" and the "decider" so yes, she has to clarify these things.

What? Josh, the Slog troll who salivates over the deaths of innocent Lebanese (and Islamo-terrorists, to be fair) and has a big woody for the Israeli military is himself skitterish when he hears the sound of a jet engine? Ah, nothing like a chickenhawk!

Him: This is a different Josh, not the slog troll. The slog troll Josh is the one without a link - The other Josh's name shows up in green, with the link.

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