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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

U.S. Gun Owners/Idiots Pester U.N.

Posted by on June 21 at 15:44 PM

There’s a reason people become gun nuts—they’re paranoid, and they often wildly overestimate the dangers around them.

Witness a flood of letters, postcards, and emails from N.R.A. members recently received by U.N. officials. The letters are all protesting a non-existent U.N. plan to outlaw gun ownership in the United States on the Fourth of July. On the Fourth of July!! Those bastards!

In an undoubtedly very successful bid to sell lots of copies of his new book, “The Global War on Your Guns,” NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre has been urging the group’s members to write letters to the U.N. to express their opposition to this made-up plan.

He even made a website, complete with section headers like, “The Mastermind”, “The Conpsirators”, and “The Money Trail”. (Also, “Get the Book,” and “Book Signing Tour Dates.”)

The site has a nifty video intro, in which LaPierre opens with this shocker:

This July, at the same time Americans celebrate our precious freedoms, Kofi Annan will convene a meeting of dictatorships, terrorist states, and over 500 gun ban groups at the United Nations. Their mission? To pass a global treaty banning ownership of firearms, including yours.

He carefully doesn’t mention the actual date of this meeting of the global Fuck America Cabal, but the text on the site isn’t so restrained. As a nice little wink to how completely full of shit they are, the text makes generous use of the ellipsis.

This 4th of July, while you and your family celebrate the 230th Anniversary of the founding of our great nation, there’s one party you won’t be invited to…

…And that’s the party that Kofi Annan is throwing at United Nations headquarters in New York — using your tax dollars — for nearly fifty dictatorships, six terrorist states, governments that endorse execution based on religious faith, and a multitude of other nations from around the globe.

You see, this party isn’t to honor your freedoms — but to conspire to take them away. That’s right. Over our 4th of July holiday, while taps is played at Arlington National Cemetery to honor Americans who have sacrificed their lives for freedom…

…These dictatorships, terrorist states and so-called “free” nations of the world plan to meet on our home soil to finalize a U.N. treaty that would strip all citizens of all nations of their right to self-protection, and strip you of your rights under the Second Amendment.

Before one word falls from their lying lips about our country and our freedoms, I want them to hear from America’s 80 million gun owners and YOU.

Seriously, those ellipses are in the original. Check it out.

There are more than a couple things wrong with this insanity, most important among them that the U.N. is closed on the Fourth of July, and, oh, the meeting they’re describing is not about restricting the legal rights of citizens of sovereign nations to own guns,, as if they had the authority to do such a thing, but about cracking down on the global illegal trade in firearms.

Chairman of the U.N. conference on illegal (note!) small arms trade Prasad Kariyawasam addressed the issue:

“That is a total misconception as far as we are concerned,” Kariyawasam told reporters ahead of the two-week meeting opening on Monday.

… the U.N. conference will look only at illegal arms and “does not in any way address legal possession,” a matter left to national governments to regulate rather than the United Nations, he added.

“The U.N. conference will not negotiate any treaty to prohibit citizens of any country from possessing firearms or to interfere with the legal trade in small arms and light weapons.”

So stand down, you morons.

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Ha ha! Painfully fucking stupid. Anyone who thinks the UN legislates laws for Americans should definately not be trusted with a gun. Not like the US has ever been inclined to abide by the UN anyway. We are the greatest rogue nation of all time.

Still, i gotta hand it to 'em. It can't be easy to vote for Bush/Cheney while portraying Kofi Annan as a despot. touche, retards.

Those silly gun nuts. Don't they know the government will protect them from all possible dangers and they should always feel safe everywhere?

So D, you completely missed the point of the post? figures, moron.

The point is that, before using inflamatory language, Sloggers need to take into consideration that a significant number of their readers are "Gun Nuts."

Write an article about how LaPierre is bamboozling people that trust him, while remaining respectful of normal gun owners, and there's a lot less anomosity amongst the readership.

See what I mean? Paranoid. I forgot to mention persecution complex.

For the record, I didn't use "inflamatory language" against anyone except the idiots who are writing letters to the U.N. over this ridiculous non-issue. Also for the record, I don't like guns, and I don't think you should have any.

D, poor D, confusing masculinity with firearms.

I grew up in the country, and know how to handle a gun. I have two rifles and a pistol. But I also have a knowledge of the world around me, and know that the UN has nothing to do with gun regulations ANYWHERE, particularly in the US. I also realize that the GOP, despite talking about it ad nauseum, would never protect gun owners, and the dems will never take guns away.

Too often I find myself embarassed by many of my fellow gun owners. I won't call these people sportsmen because they're not. They're just paranoid whiny victims who glom onto conservatism because Reagan made it OK to hate.

They're the best arguement for stringent gun controls there are. Just as Paris Hilton is the poster child for retaining the estate tax.

So, anyone want to take the bet that, come July 5th, LaPierre will claim his hysterical rantings actually PREVENTED a nefarious U.N. Black Helicopter-enforced ban on U.S. gun ownership?

What is this? A battle of cliches? The reason you moonbats can win an election is that you think in cartoons. ROFLMFAO

What bothers me, is that if you are suspecting a government body plans to take away your guns, I would think you would expect it to be the one ignoring the first and second amendments.

UN is a red herring, because if any group was wanting to de-arm Americans, it would be the current administration.

Oops, I meant first and fourth amendments, not second.

Read the proceedings. There are already several entries encouraging "next steps" toward outright banning of firearms.

Most people killed by small arms are killed by their own governments. Gun bans make that easier to accomplish.

Gosh it sure looks like every one who writes a comment is a gun hating liberal, but then again what can one expect from Seattle? Note how you slander, lie, distort, and use basically no facts in your arguments. Good luck if you are car jacked, have home invasion, are mugged and so on. FYI I own a few rifles, no pistols, am an athiest and DO belong to the NRA. Your stereotyping is so lame.

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