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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

“It’s My Dog—What’s the Problem?”

Posted by on June 21 at 15:55 PM

If you don’t want to read about this man:


being arrested for allegedly making love to this puppy:


don’t go here.

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That story is totally disturbing. Interestingly, I read the Comments section from the link, and found this one:

"TCPALM loves to run stories to generate talk and comments. Usually sappy stories about animals or sexual predators generate the most comments (of course racial and immigration issues too).

This story has both sexual abuse and animals, and if you look hard, I think you will see an immigration issue."

I'm not familiar with TCPALM, but that comment does rather ring true.

Interestingly/disgustingly enough, Ol' Junio could have buggered that little pooch with impunity in Washington state up until June 7, when the new "Enumclaw-style" bestiality ban went into effect.

At the website that hosts this story, my favorite comment thus far on this story is:

"So that's one of the jobs Americans won't do."

Actually, I think that buggering HORSES was still okay, but buggering pooches was illegal anyway because it was cruel. You get tearing with the little ones, it seems.

I've heard.

How is rape considered love?

For example, the puppy is clearly underage.

That puppy is not that hot...

Okay, pretty disgusting story, but honestly, David, if you want to rate on the "don't look" scale, you're going to have to compete against the Pros, like for example some of the stuff Warren Ellis typically posts on his website.

Now, if you want REAL "don't look" action try sites like:

Believe me, some of this stuff is "lose both your last meal as well as your appetite for several days" disgusting.

Don't look.

Seriously, I mean it. Just don't.

You've been warned.

Speaking of dogs, has anyone seen the latest Paris Hilton pics?

Maybe it's just me, but I've never quite understood how anyone could maintain arousal with a dog. I mean, I love dogs, but I don't LOOOOOVE dogs, know what I mean? I don't get how he could maintain wood with a puppy.

Jeebus, people are weird.

ehhh. that's horrible. but, i have to say, mark's comment almost killed me.

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