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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Street Stylin’

Posted by on June 18 at 13:11 PM


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There's too much going on in this outfit...

Yes, but that's countered by the lack of color.

Really, is there anything on earth more conservative than punk? You can buy better punk gear than this in Southcenter, which is where it belongs. That collar, that ridiculous low-crowned hat that looks like it came from the party-supply store, the creepers, the jacket -- it's paint-by-numbers stuff. And of course he's pierced (and presumably tatooed) up the ying-yang. It's less rebellious than Tim Eyman's khakis. The ONLY thing about this that's fresh is the turned-up cuffs. Is this the best that "street" can do in this city?

Ah, but he has what appears to be a cock ring hanging from his collar, which is a handy thing to have.

For a minute there I thought I was looking at a picture of Kid Rock.

Or worse, Bono.

BTW, since when did "The Stranger" start copping "on-the-street fashion photo features" from "Village Voice"?

Ooh, Fnarf, I had no idea you were so bitchy...

And BTW, I think the porkpie hat and creepers are very hot right now. I'm about to buy a pair of creepers myself, and you know I always look good. I'm just sayin'.

Is that Will Kelley-Kamp?

Is that Will Kelley-Kamp?

Is that Will Kelley-Kamp?

I'm the bitchiest bitch in Bitchtown, baby.

I like a nice hat, but that ain't it. The brim is way too wide and way too flat. It's a clown hat. It looks like the kind of hat you wear to a dress up party in Junior High. And the only way to make a hat work is if it talks to the clothes.

Likewise the shoes. The two-tone is pure spiv, and this guy doesn't have enough oomph to be a spiv. Again: get some clothes.

I mean, for chrissake, those are PAINTER'S PANTS. See the hammer loop? The rivets at the bottom of the pockets? Nasty. And he's not wearing a shirt. And the biker jacket is a criminal act of stupidity.

Get some real pants and a proper jacket and we can talk some more.

I second the Kid Rock comment/comparison.

Rebels are the new conformists. And vice versa.

I'm liking this Street Stylin' bit. Keep it comin'. :D

And this guy is, indeed, stylin'. I'm all about this black-and-white trend action.

I'm liking this Street Stylin' bit. Keep it comin'. :D

And this guy is, indeed, stylin'. I'm all about this black-and-white trend action.

It's a classic look. Some things never go out of style.

for street stylin' can we get a photo of fnarf to compare which of the two has more style??

Off duty drag queen.

Fnarf, do stop by the office in your best outfit if you can take the critiques.

Do post a picture of Fnarf, please.

where the hell do you buy creepers anymore? they still make those? i don't like being critical of other people's dress -- but that is a little embarrassing!

I'm no fashonista, but I think this dude is trying too hard. But what do I know?

Why is this outfit worthy of being featured? He's dressed like 90% of the people walking down Broadway - there's nothing interesting or original about his outfit at all. I mean, there were people in my high school in Spokane in the 80's that were wearing the exact same thing. This "alternative" look is tired and predictable, and no more noteworthy than than the elastic waistband khakis that my grandfather buys at Sears.

How about Rob Thomas? That's who first came to mind for me. He's also got a little Brian Setzer going on too. And a little of that goes a looo-ong way.

It's all about those shoes.

No picture, but I'm a banana creme pie today -- white shirt, yellow slacks, green shoes. I'm an older gentleman, I can't carry off the crazy outfits anymore.

I use to beat that guy up in Jr. High.

Maybe a mowhawk would help....

Re: creepers, and black/white two-tone shoes. They're all over the runways (Dior Homme) and the obscure Japanese fashion magazines. So, besides the ones you can pick up cheap, you can also go the high-end route and pay upwards of $500. I'm not advocating. Again, I'm just sayin'.

And Fnarf, you are a chicken not to send a picture. I'm saying that with mad affection.

Since when did trying to look like a cross between a 50's biker boy and a goth become styling. Back to the drawing board.

I think a picture would just ruin the intreaging aura of mystique that is the legend, FNARF. In my mind he lives with his laptop in a hollowed out tree like a keebler elf. I want to keep it that way!

No, FNARF lives in a daylight basement apartment with a large array of networked desktop computers. My best friend's friend told me so.

Small array, notebook computers, main floor. Trust me, "elf" is the LAST thing that would come to mind. And yes, I'm a chicken, but I'm very busy, but photos may appear soon.

Yeah, the creepers, there original punk, from the days when punk was still alive, and I dont buy bondage belts and collars, I make them my self. OH, and the hat, came from the largest hat store in seattle, but i imagine you would not know a faddora if it bit you in the *$$
Oh and Fnarf, do you even own a suit? or do you just down people because you have nothing better to do?

If you wana get my pic in my saturday night best, let me know when, i'll get out my pinstriped suit, with the hat and shoes

A mohawk, that's a good idea. Oh wait, he already has a mohawk, he's bein wearing mohawks since 1985

Actualy Em, I had my 1st mohawk years before 85. I had a hawk when I was in the 5 grade.

Come on Fnarf, don't be shy. Get outta that banana creme pie outfit first though please. ;oP

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