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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Just Blogged the Boards

Posted by on June 18 at 22:37 PM

You can read my throw-thoughts-at-a-webpage, see-if-they-stick review of On The Boards’ Northwest New Works Festival Studio Series, Weekend 2 (whew!) review right here.


Long story short: I loved Alex Martin (of Better Biscuit Dance) and her little brown dress. And I want to publish the link to her webpage, which is (mais oui) at Even though I don’t like reductive artist’s statements (especially artist’s statements about consumerism) nearly as much as I like (or like to hate) the art itself, this one, in which Martin explains her project of wearing the same dress for 365 days straight, has a blog and lots of pictures and an invitation to the undressing party. Which takes place July 7. I’m gonna try and be there. (In my new jeans, probably. I’m sorry.)

More dance! I just went to 10 Tiny Dances at CHAC. It was really fun. I highly recommend the conceit, if not every last one of the results. If you’re in Portland, you can see 10TD at the Doug Fir next week.

Also, at 10 Tiny Dances, I spied a most unique being. It was The Ideal Audience Member. More about this later.

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I saw Alex at a performance shortly after she donned the dress...I'm impressed she's made it this far! I love this idea...


local yocals doing riffs on works that have been executed elsewhere is not interesting. andrea zittel is a world famous contemporary artist for wearing black "uniforms"(which are dresses) for months at a time. she would then switch to a different black uniform(all of them designed and made by her)and go for another few months. making the dress brown and wearing for a year just doesn't matter.


I actually couldn't care less if it's been done before, which obviously it has been. (By far less successful local yokels, in fact.) And I'm not particularly invested in how long the dress has been worn, the purported reasons behind the wearing, etc. I liked the performance I saw because of the way the look of the dress seemed to inform the dance itself.


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