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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Because Boobs Are Terrible Evil Things Unless There’s a Baby Attached To Them

Posted by on June 17 at 17:11 PM

In the same week that women are told “breast-feed or else” comes this story: Art teacher fired for posing topless for art photos. One wonders what would have happened if she’d been photographed breast-feeding?

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She also happens to be a lesbian. A fellow art teacher, with whom she had been feuding, brought the artistic photos to the school administration's attention.

So the school administration in the most liberal city in Texas decides to fire an excellent art teacher (as even those who fired her admitted) for being in art.

I like naked people too but it doesn't follow that you should be seen naked in public because breast feeding is healthy.

I mean it's healthy to pee too, but I don't see how saying peeing is healthy is an argument for peeing in public view.

Sure peeing is good and natural and everyone ought to do it, but most people want it to be done in private.

Personally, I'm fine with exposed breasts in public, whether breastfeeding or just hanging out. But I'm also fine with banning them from public view, since I appreciate the opportunity for transgression that naturally follows from the existence sexual taboos.

But I'm not fine with fallacious arguments.

It's funny, but in my strictly non-scientific poll of several white trash women who live down by the airport, it seems that lower class white women DO NOT approve of breast feeding, and would not/did not do it with their children.

These same women would probably not think twice about flashing the ta-tas - particularly after a few tequillas - but clamping a kid on for some nourishment is just too gross.

i think matisse's point was: americans are fucked up and conflicted about bodies. they're beautiful! they're ugly and gross! we're like crazy with all the double messages.

Look at it this way, Matisse: if Americans weren't fucked in the head on the subject of sex, kink-meisters like you would be out of a job. You'd have to move to England, or something.

Elenchos, you're confused; the woman in question wasn't "exposing her breasts in public"; she was topless in some photographs. You have to seek out photographs. It's not like she was sitting on a park bench waving the titties. And the photographs were not only not porn, they were not erotic at all; just her around the house. The school district should be ashamed.

ALL you ladies should be ashamed, and cover up, and make sure you stay covered up at all times, even in the shower or your own bedroom. Naked = evil!

Fnarf, lets get Richard Conlin on the phone and start the 3-4 year process of PROCESS that would make it illegal to disrobe in the City of Seattle. I think showering fully clothed (with long sleeve shirts) should be the minimum. Alternatively, we could all be forced to wear mumus.

No, I like the system we have now, where you're allowed to be naked in the shower, as long as you feel ashamed afterwards. After all, the ultimate goal is shame, not clothing.

No, no, no. Don't you understand? This is America.

Boobs = Bad
(See: multimillion dollar fine for "wardrobe malfunction".)

War = Good
(See: Halliburton, or the otherwise inexplicable second election of GW Bush.)

see the photos for yourself

When feeling shamefully naked in the shower, it also helps to have a big Crucifix staring down at you in the stall, like the one in my parents house.

Fond memories of soaping up and covering my shame....sigh.

That's a precious story, GBM. Soaping the old ass crack under the baleful gaze of Jesus. Do this in remembrance of me, indeed.

Uh, who's telling women to breast feed or else?

Try breast feeding in public in Bellevue Square, and note how many folks shoot you the stink eye.

Breasts, even when serving their biological function are always bad bad bad in the United States of Generica.

As someone who spent only the first ten years growing up in the US, followed by another decade in Canada, I can attest that Americans are, for some bizarre reason, breast-obsessed, squeamish about breast-feeding and/or nudity, and very puritan.

I'm not really sure why.

It's kind of puzzling to me, probably because I got different messages in the US and whenever I was in Europe.

I have mixed feelings about the new recommendations on breast feeding. While I was crazy with rage about the 'pre-pregnant' thing, the fact that poor women are told in this country and all over the world that they should be using formula is really insidious. It's no surprise that the poster above found that what he/she called "white trash" women thought that breast feeding was gross. Samples of formula are STILL being handed out in hospitals here, despite WHO regulations. Commercials show successful-looking white women using formula.

In this case, I think a little bit of governmental regulation might be a good thing, since the corporations that make the stuff seem intent on making their profits at the expense of the poor and their children.

Under the current administration, it's easy to assume that government health recommendations are politically motivated. However, the recommendations regarding pregnancy and breast feeding are based on science, not politics.

Vitamin deficiencies (especially folic acid) and alcohol can have disastrous effects on the first few weeks of fetal development, which unfortunately is before women typically know they are pregnant. Anyone who might get pregnant deserves to be informed of these risks, and the CDC would be negligent if it didn't pass this information on.

As for breast feeding, it's associated with numerous health benefits, including higher IQ, a healthier immune system, and lower risk for obesity. The irony here is that for years the medical establishment provided little support for breast feeding moms, presumably due to politics and ignorance regarding women's health.

If these seem like inconvenint truths to you, then make sure you're using effective birth control.

Hello anybody there ????

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