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Friday, May 26, 2006

Speaking of Jamie Pedersen…

Posted by on May 26 at 14:54 PM

The “only gay candidate” for the 43rd state legislative district has friends in high places. Like the IDX Tower.

Pedersen’s raised $86,000 so far. Of that, $15,500—nearly 20 percent—has come from contributors in his own law firm, downtown behemoth Preston, Gates & Ellis. Other big donors include employees of Microsoft ($2,050), Vulcan ($1,000), Pyramid Real Estate ($1,400), and the Urban Realty Group ($1,000).

Looks like the Downtown Seattle Association has found its candidate.

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'bout time you got the focus right.

Good reporting . . . er, slogging. By the way, that would be Preston, Gates, Ellis, Abramoff and Scanlon.

so when will you ask him about his positions on DSA issues like:

monorail (they killed it)

viaduct (they hate it)

tunnel (they want us to pay for it)

parking to pay for road repair

doubled local Seattle transit during Viaduct rebuild and 520 floating bridge rebuild

tax on all vehicles that Eyman has ridden in (aka "the stupidity tax") of $5000/hour when they are on Seattle city streets or parking lots.

I find it a bit funny, too, that half of Bill Sherman's funds have come from out-of-state contributors. Mmmm ...


the out-of-state thing doesn't seem as fishy to me, for some reason.

its typical for candidates to start with a "friends and family" list for fundraising, picking off the easy targets. logic would lead me to belive that this is where bill started.

what is disturbing is the DSA alliance with jamie. preston, gates, and ellis are kind of scary, politically.

ugh. vulcan.

I could not care less about gay marriage, but I could not hate the DSA more. Stab Savage in the eye with a pocket knife, Jamie, and you would still have my vote. (I would vote for you twice.) Carry water for the DSA? That will cost you my vote.

Preston Gates has many progressive attorneys who do work on behalf of the ACLU.

And Jack Abromoff, correct?

PG&E is so big, i'm sure not all of its attorneys are politically scary and crooked. they did continue to employ abramoff long after it was obvious that he was the biggest snake oil salesman in DC, and that's scary too.

plus, the DSA has their hands in a lot of pro-development stuff that is ominous at best.

so I'm hanging out the other night, and met this attorney from PS&E. Liberal guy. Donor to Jamie's campaign. Says he had to donate,like many attorneys there, but that Jamie is slimy and he wouldn't vote for him. Of course I have never met Jamie, and have no opinion on him yet, but given his campaign tactics and his alliance with Vulcan, his law partner's opinion seems to fit with the facts.

Nice smear ECB. I'd say you're only slightly less slimy than Pedersen himself. A link to DSA? You can do better than that!

That's about as accurate as saying that your buddy Nick Licata was bought off by the "development community" in the 2005 elections. The contributions don't lie!

Of Licata's top 15 contributions by employers no fewer than 8 (53%!!!) are developers or their lawyers (including #3 contributer Suzie Burke and the oh-so-evil PG&E). Clearly Licata must be stopped before he sells out our fair city to the highest bidder...

Next time try a bit harder ECB. You zealousness to find something that simply isn't there insults your readers and your own credibility.

Hey Will--
Did you know that Pedersen was the monorail's lead outside counsel?

Well, I agree Dan and Erica - it certainly is important that we not elect any extra fags to Olympia.

You know, exceed the Dan Savage and Eric Barnett - only THREE allowed quota.

I like Jamie better each day - seems a lot smarter that the others. On the long term, that sells me. For an elitist he is knocking on a lot of doors - tons of workers .......

And I like voting for fags, despite the quota. Next, I vote for women - tell us Dan what that quota is?

We don't need fags to represent gay politics, and we don't need African American's to represent the black vote.

Anyone who's qualified should get the vote, we should stop electing people simply for being black or gay.

-----OR, for not being black or gay.

That is the point of my post..... "there are already enough gays in the legislature"....

Dick Kelley just knocked on my door - and I peppered him with questions. Had had thoughtful answers to all of them. Not to mention the whole campaign finance thing. He's got my vote!

Pedersen = one trick pony. As important as marriage equality is, there are many, MANY other issues which deserve discussion and warrant the same amount of attention Jamie is giving marriage equality. I would love to marry my partner, but poor kids should have health care, homelessness should be eliminated, and a PROGRESSIVE tax structure needs to be implemented.

For the record, I know most of the candidates personally...

So, Erica, are you going to do similar blogs on the contributions for the other candidates?

Or has Dan corralled you into helping him build his mountain?

{links} - nice site!

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