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Friday, May 26, 2006

100 Percent Beef

Posted by on May 26 at 14:22 PM

Finally, a rap rivalry I can get excited about: Ice Cube versus Oprah.

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I luv Ice Cubes hateful lyrics about gay men. They are funny! And his funny lyrics about how women like being raped.

ICE CUBE - Horny Little Devil

Little devil wanna fuck me out my pay
But horny little devil true niggaz ain't gay

ICE CUBE - Higher

A girl gets date raped just like that at a frat
now she chase the cat
Feminist saying women is God's gift
Do you need a lift? Can I take a sniff?

Women who get raped really like the man who raped them, and "real" black me can never be gay. Hip Hop is so socially aware.

I'll buy the jello for the wrestling vat.

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