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Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy birthday to me!

Posted by on May 26 at 16:25 PM

What are you going to do after a long holiday weekend? Why, coming to my birthday party, of course!

Because I’m such a big fan of birthdays (and I don’t care how self-indulgent it is) I put together a birthday rock show with some of my current favorite local actsóSpeaker Speaker, Sean Nelson, the Pharmacy, Juhu Beach, and Spacesuit.

Speaker Speaker won this year’s annual Big Shot competition. They’re that good. Sean Nelson, well, he’s Sean Nelson, frontman for Harvey Danger. He’ll be playing a few tunes solo on the piano, which should be lovely. The Pharmacy are finally bringing their punky dance party back home after months on the road, and I can’t wait to see them again. Juhu Beach is wrapping up the recording of their debut EP (you can catch a sneak peek here) and Spacesuit is a brand new band featuring members of Problems with Heroes and Blue Sky Mile. I can’t wait!

It’s on Tuesday May 30th at the Crocodile. Doors open at 9 pm and it costs $6 at the door. Be sure to save the date, it’ll be super fun times, and a great chance to finally hear some of the bands I never shut up about.

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Are there party favors? (Kazoos! Balloons! Candy!)

Ms. Ceiling,
Spacesuit is a wonderful band name.
I can't wait.

Spacesuit is also a wonderful band!

And I can't promise party favors, but now that you mention it, it wouldn't be much of a party without them, now would it! We'll have to see what can be done...

Last I checked Sean Nelson is a Microsoft drone. Why should I pay six dollars to go hear a Microsoft employee play piano? Isn't it enough the software companies drained our city of it's soul in exchange for high property values and salaries?

Your birthday party sounds embarassing and sad. The only thing tackier than someone charging people money to attend their birthday party are tacky dumbasses who would actually pay to attend such a function.

I think you've disproved that statement with your own tacky dumbass comments, Neato. Implying that bands should not be paid for performing (and that guests should not pitch in to help pay those bands...) is almost as stupid as wasting your time bitching about Sean Nelson.

Sadly, you're embarrassing yourself.

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