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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Weapons

Posted by on March 27 at 12:46 PM

At the SPD’s press conference this morning, CSI Detective Don Ledbetter uncovered several of the weapons found in Kyle Huff’s pickup truck after Saturday morning’s shooting. They included:

A 12-gauge Winchester Defender shotgun- not the actual murder weapon but an identical “exemplar” shotgun (the murder weapon is still undergoing forensic analysis; also visible in the photo are ammunition, a machete, and a baseball bat that were all found in the pickup):


A Bushmaster XM 15-E2S semiautomatic rifle with 30-round capacity, found on the floor of the truck, surrounded in this photo by three 30-round box magazines:


The pickup also contained a .40-caliber Ruger handgun. The “biohazard” sign visible in the background was put there, Ledbetter said, “because some of the items have blood on them.”

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Pro gun lobby will assure you that those are all used for hunting.

Hunters will tell you that if you use those guns to hunt with you will have very little meat to bring home as it will be splattered all over the forest.

The clerk at GI Joe's in Northgate, when asked by the Times, said of the shotgun: "Are those legal? We don't carry that kind of thing; hunters don't want them."

Baseball bats are only used at little league games, machetes are only used to clear jungle brush.

I just came across something very creepy.

See the second entry.


Actually, the pro-gun lobby, as well as the gun manufacturer, will tell you that such pistol-grip shotguns are for home defense. Which, from a purely technical point-of-view, they excel at: you don't need a steady aim, you won't accidentally penetrate an interior wall, and whomever you hit is unlikely to return fire.

The reasonable question is, are we safer banning guns than we are by maintaining the right to own them?

Oh, dear, oh, dear. "" wants to know about upcoming raves in Seattle. February 1st, 2006. Looks real. You should tell the cops. I hope they can get into his email account.

what morally upright citizen needs a semi-automatic weapon or a 12 guage pistil grip shotgun? total prohibition of such weapons is the answer. no more equivocating about mental health tests and criminal background checks for weapons meant only to kill lots of people quickly.

also: is it legal to own a grenade in this country as well? amazing.

Whoa IP, that is *really* creepy!

Hand grenades are not legal; there is no plausible self-defense scenario for them. (Who ever heard of the Pro-grenade lobby, anyway? Let's not be silly.)

I love the "home defense" excuse. They're not used for home defense; they're used for home assaults. It's an arms race, and it's just as stupid as the nuclear one. Except the nukes aren't being wielded by shitheads who think they're in The Matrix.

I think the police confiscated his computer. I'm sure they will get in there.

Ugh ugh ugh.

Holy crap - that guestbook entry is real. Google's crawler cached it on February 19th, 2006:

There is a pro-grenade lobby. It's called the NRA. Gun nuts abide by absolutely no restrictions on private ownership of armaments at all.

If he didn't allow his browswer to save his hotmail password for him, or write it down somewhere, they won't be able to get in without a subpoena. Without a criminal case to bring they may have trouble getting one. You can't prosecute the dead.

Fnarf, banning guns definitely makes you safer if you don't own a gun yourself, and if you live in a well-policed area.

But I wonder if banning guns would work out any better than banning, say, LSD and ecstasy.

And if prohibition doesn't work, then I wonder if banning guns makes me safer than just going out and buying one. (Which, by the way, I've never done, but am considering, at least for the sake of examining all options.)

For the record, I don't think I live in the Matrix. I think I live in Seattle, where wierd shit like this remains extremely improbable -- even now.

I guess this lends some currency to the theory that the kids/the scene was targeted.

Banning murder doesn't work, either; people still get murdered. Should murder be legalized?

E,. I disagree. Banning guns makes you safer, period. No ifs.

I don't think they have to plan to bring it to trial in order to get the subpoena - this is still very much a criminal investigation.

Look at profiles # 5 & 6. It seems he may have had and deleted a myspace account. Looks like his truck.

Look at profiles # 5 & 6. It seems he may have had and deleted a myspace account. Looks like his truck.

Right age and name Angry, but these are both for leos and the guy with the truck is married.

I don't see any truck.

Fnarf: go back and re-read your posting and ask yourself, slowly and in one-syllable words, whether there is a moral distinction between murder and self-defense.

Once again most of you are showing your ignorance on the topic of firearms, let me clear up a few things for ya. Hand grenades are already illegal, automatic weapons are already illegal, the Bushmaster rilfe in question here is in fact often used as an excellent small game rifle, it is however illegal to hunt deer sized game with in many states as it is UNDERPOWERED to humanely do so, it fires a .223 caliber varmint hunting round. Any questions?

Anthony said "Banning guns makes you safer, period. No ifs."

Yes Anthony, you're right. Just ask the Jews who were banned from businesses involving firearms in Germany in 1938. It certainly made them safer.

You think the NRA is on the leading edge of gun rights? Think again. They're just a bunch of softies compared to the Jews for The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (

The profile of #6 from the top can't be clicked on because it's been deleted, but you can see a swm w/sunglasses in front of what looks like a black truck/suv. I don't see where it says he's a leo or married, I just thought it might be him. It's wierd that he's listed under aaron huff as opposed to kyle, but so is the deleted account.

Not that this matters, but just so this guy doesn't get hate mail from random internet users:

You can click on his (profile #6-- don't click on the pic, click on the name) name and access his profile. You can even see other pictures of him, including one with his wife. Not the same guy.

GT_MULE: please do bring Hitler into the conversation, it's always so illuminating.

E: You seem to believe that owning a gun has something to do with self-defense. I don't think it does. I think it makes you a danger to the public.

If you knew anything, you would know that the NRA are a bunch of pushovers who only endorse hunter's rights. I think you're dangerous to the public, as a misinformed, idiotic citizen.

Keep talking, kooks. You're making my argument for me.

And frankly Fnarf, the Jews have been the target of genocide and conquest for thousands of years. That's the reason why being Jewish is traced matrilineally and why they decided to form an organization to preserve their right to self-defense. The argument of radical evil is important because it has existed before and can exist again.

Yes, and so does casual unthinking myth-driven cowboy evil. Like you.

Come on, boy. Bring it. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City. You know you want to.

My mistake, I was wrong, but I swear yesterday it was deleted. I only had the small picture, age, and shiny black truck to go on. I hope noone else has made the same mistake.

You aren't even arguing, you're baiting and name-calling with no evidence to back yourself up.

And for the record, Oklahoma City was a terrible tragedy.

OKC was also done using legal totally legal shit: gasoline, fertilizer, and a Ryder truck.

Hello from Paris.

Senseless bullshit like that spewing from the pro-gun nuts are why I broke up with America.

Some people have said Huff could have been stopped if someone else could have had a gun. I say the bloodbath could have been worse.

Banning guns and the banning illicit substances that have the potentia are an Apple/Orange comparison. As Dan said in an earlier comment, the gun control laws truly do work in Europe and Japan. The proof is in the pudding: 50-60 dead in the 1992 LA riots, and 1 dead in the Paris riots last October.

perhaps one more senseless tragedy may be what it takes to get the deed done (or at least started). gun control is not impossible, but let's face it... there's more than a lot of work to be done to achieve any semblance. unfortunately, the pro gun advocates have the upper hand on this debate, so really it's not enough to whine on a message board that you hate the thought of all those nasty weapons waiting for anyone who has a couple of hundred bucks, knows where to steal one, has one or is stockpiling them... I'm for gun control but, hey, we live in AMERICA - with a track record a gazillion miles long for insanity and lots of available weapons to play out our sickest fantasies. Why do I say ours? - because it is... we own it and unless you're doing something to better the overall situation - whether it's spreading love or convincing the powers that be to wake up and do the right thing, whether you own a gun or not makes little difference.

At this point, Fnarf, you're clearly just being a flamebaiting asshole. You're not even trying to make valid arguments at this point, just saying whatever you think will piss as many people off.

You can either calm down and be civil or one by one, the people here will start tuning you out.

Right, Gomer. The Slog is invaded by a bunch of gun nut sock puppets from Cloud Cuckoo Land, and I'm the asshole. You want me to be civil to Mr. TAke Up Arms Against The Government, and Ms. Black Helicopters, and Mr. Stop The Durn Negroes, and Mr. Bush Is The Same As Hitler, and Mr. Stockpiling Arms For Freedom, and Ms. What We Need Is More Shooting, Not Less.

Not going to do it.

If you've got something interesting or valuable to say, say it, and I'll argue in a civil fashion. But a bunch of goons slavering over their weaponry? No, I'm not going to respect that, any more than they're going to respect the grieving people of this city.

I'm not talking about gun control. I'm talking about human decency. Gun nuts don't have any. It's as simple as that.

And you simply prove my point further with every post. Carry on.

You can either calm down and be civil or one by one, the people here will start tuning you out.

Start tuning him out? I'm way ahead of you there ...

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