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Friday, March 31, 2006

Montana Fights Meth, Whitney Courts Death

Posted by on March 31 at 10:39 AM


ABC News has the story on Montana’s fierce new anti-meth campaign, one of whose ads appears above. (Who says romance is dead?) Financed via a $5.6 million donation from software billionaire and part-time Montana resident Thomas Seibel, the campaign has grown in the biggest advertiser in the state, with the Montana Meth Project’s ads popping up on billboards, newspapers, radio, and TV. According to the MMP, meth use among Montana’s youth is dramatically higher than the national average, hence the full court press with the strategically grisly ads, which are focussed on preventing kids from trying meth even once. (To see more of the MMP’s inspired anti-meth horror shows, go here.)

Speaking of horror shows: Tabloids in both the U.S. and U.K. are going nuts over the allegedly filthy drug habits of Whitney Houston, thanks to “shocking revelations” provided by Bobby Brown’s sister.

The downfall of Whitney is apparent to all who watched Being Bobby Brown, the Bravo reality series during which Whitney and husband Bobby routinely behaved like the type of crackheads you cross the street to avoid getting panhandled by. Still, Tina Brown’s allegedly eyewitness details about Whitney’s habits—all-day-every-day crack smoking, living in squalor, compulsive masturbation, and hideous hygiene—suggest a dissolution unparalleled in the world of modern pop music. Let the Billie Holiday comparisons begin. (Although it must be said that Whitney Houston’s talent is but a speck compared to the mountain of Billie Holiday’s. Still, there will be several fascinating books written about the driven self-destruction of Whitney Houston, and here’s hoping she survives to read them—or write ‘em.)

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The only anti-anything campaign that has ever worked on me (unfortunately, a decade too late) were the "truth" anti-smoking ads. The scare tactic stuff and the "Bobby used to be a good boy, until he tried pot" ads never did anything but make me want to try drugs more. Hopefully this works in MT. Meth is ugly.

That is so hot. I need to move back to Billings.

Is it just me, or are the anti-meth ads always tantalizing?

Losing one's virginity in a scuzzy bathroom stall? HOT!

Remember the jingle for the "anti"-meth ad a few years ago, featuring the model-skinny heroin-chic chick? "I can't sleep, and I can't eat, but I've got the cleanest house on the street, meth, OOOooohhh meth!" Fer fuck's sake! I'd love to be able to not sleep, not eat, and have a clean house, all while looking like the chicks in Vogue!

Gotta get me some meth.

What they should really do is show the type of person you'll lose your virginity to, if you use meth. That'll scare a lot of kids out of trying it.

if you listened to a jazz tune that whitney sang on Material's album in the 1980's ( I think it's called Memories) you would never have called her talent a speck to Billie Holliday's. Sorry. Get over yourself, you purist wanna-be.

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