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Friday, March 31, 2006

More Theories

Posted by on March 31 at 10:38 AM

The Seattle Times today weighs in on the theorizing that’s taken off in the absence of a clear motive for Kyle Huff’s murderous rampage on Saturday.

In the absence of fact, theories have sprung up on Web blogs and in news accounts. Some suggest that Huff met at least one of his victims at a rave weeks before the shooting. A Seattle psychologist wondered if Huff, who appeared to have no girlfriend, acted out of sexual frustration.

Experts say mass killers — those who kill four or more in a single spree — are rare and fit a common profile: A history of failure and frustration. Anger. Poor self-esteem. Little social interaction. And a fascination with guns.

In Huff’s case: Check, check, check, check, and a big check on the fascination with guns.

The Seattle Police Department has convened a panel of experts, led by a man known as the “Dean of Death,” to get to the bottom of the motive mystery. But down in the forums, the Stranger-based criminal theorists are giving the Dean of Death a run for his money. (Threads are here, here, here, and here.)

P.S. Slog commenter “H” wants everyone to read this Slate article from 2004 about psychopathic personalities, and the flawed theorizing after Columbine.

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where is it in the forums? Which thread?

Cue the usually canned response that he could have just as easily gone on a muderous killing spree if he'd been obsessed with butter knives.

Postergirl: I just put some links for you in the post.

Mr. Sanders you may need to discuss the with your collegues the job you have ahead of you constructing the identity of this murderer.

Reporting that theories of Kyle Huff's motives are floating around is not news. Societies must float theories about "the murderer". Ask your well educated collegues about event and event response. It is not a matter of the distinction between the ‘real theory of Kyle Huff's motives’ and the ‘constructed theory of Kyle Huff's motives’ because, for us at least, there is nothing outside of representation.

So far in our discourse we've had the spectacle of you over in Montana looking into the "fiberglass moose event" hoping to find "the truth about what happened" there. Apparently The Stranger has decided to edit the fiberglass moose out of the discourse. The readers are the losers.

Now you're trying to turn our very own Capitol Hill murderer into "one that fits the standard scientific profile". But I for one have never heard of a fiberglass moose shooting murderer before.

The fiberglass moose was what made our Capitol Hill murderer special.

Please shut up with your "Murder theories abound" headlines because you can do better Mr. Sanders. They spent the money sending you to Montana and we expect you to contribute more about the fiberglass moose, shotgun use in small town America, the predjudices of small minded rustics, and some lyrical notes about the vast Montana landscape.

Any hack writer can fall back upon "scientific profiles" of murderers. Any reader knows that if "scientific profiles" really worked, they could give a "scientific test" to middle school students and we'd have no more murders.

Gee Kimberly, your comments seem unnecessarily meanspirited to me. If you have lost someone in this tragedy, I'm sorry. I encourage to seek grief counseling or to go to the service tonight at St. James and work out your feelings in prayer.

I appreciate this contribution to the Slog today and like many others I am still interested in learning more about why this tragedy happened in my neighborhood. Let's try to be more encouraging of the work being done here instead of name calling -- I really think the Stranger has done an excellent job reporting on this and has tried to pursue means and motives that other venues have not. We still have a long way to go to get answers in the wake of all the sadness -- the least we can do is try to be respectful of those who are at least trying to contribute.

Kimberly -

Are you serious with this statement???

we expect you to contribute more about the fiberglass moose, shotgun use in small town America, the predjudices of small minded rustics, and some lyrical notes about the vast Montana landscape

The Stranger has done an excellent job. They'll eventually get to means and motives of exactly why this murder happened. The community needs this for closure.

We still have a long way to go to get answers, grief counseling and the prayer service tonight is going to help a lot. But eventually we'll want real answers to why this happened, and I'll be reading The Stranger to find the truth.

Prayer and meditation will bring us closure and will warm the glowing flame of love within our hearts.

I ask each of you to join me in a prayer for the loved ones we lost, and a kind thought for those gentle spirits we have near us in our time of sorrow.

Best phrase that has appeared in a newspaper this week: "In the absence of fact..." How wonderfully useful and interesting this is. We don't know anything, but it won't stop us from making stuff up. Is this a marriage of newspapers and local television news?

About the time I decided that I would completly oppose the deth penalty, I spent a very long time trying to comprehened the murderer.

Could not manage it. Even when thinking of my own red anger moments.

We may learn more about Huff, not much though, but we will nevr understand him

Just that rage, represion of feelings, and rejection - are fuel for murder.

A culture fast losing its attention span and links to history and larger human issues - has even less chance to even understand the rage.

Pampered middle Ameria is 70 per cent tuned out. If it were not for home video, they would not know they were really alive and functioning.

By the way - one bold therepy lady said ---NE NEEDED A BETTER SEX LIFE --- apparently the new group of ravers - gay and straight - just cuddle a lot. Too bad.

The rave after parties I went to a few years back would have tired Mr. Huff out completely far earlier that 7 am.


More Information Suggests Shooter in Seattle Killing Spree Possibly Connected With 'Manchurian Candidate Psy Ops Campaign'

and farther down:

Could Strange Seattle Killing Spree Be Connected To "Manchurian Candidate" Psy Ops Government Program?

I was just curious if any toxicology reports have been made public...I was thinkin maybe he did some drugs at the rave that made him freak out and loose his mind?? People react to drugs differently...i have taken shrooms and had a great time while my friend curled up in a ball and thought she was gonna die on the same dose.

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