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Friday, March 31, 2006

Copper Canyon’s Winning Streak

Posted by on March 31 at 10:50 AM

This part of the world doesn’t have a whole lot going on when it comes to publishing—Sasquatch’s big success in recent years is their Nancy Pearl line (Book Lust was a surprise seller, and now they’ve done sequels and calendars and, I don’t know, have they done frisbees yet?), and Clear Cut Press makes beautiful books but they still don’t seem to have figured out how to sell them—but hot damn, Copper Canyon Press is doing amazing things, and they deserve all the praise John Marshall heaped on them in yesterday’s P-I. Copper Canyon Press won both the National Book Award (for a collection of W.S. Merwin’s poems) and the Pulitzer Prize (for a Ted Kooser collection) in 2005. Marshall describes, among other things, how the press managed to woo Merwin away from his fancy New York publisher, Knopf, and how it’s survived a ton of upheaval and stress, most of it in the shape of former publisher Sam Hamill, who bugs just about everybody (Marshall calls Hamill “a cantankerous, abrasive person”). It’s also a nice primer if you don’t know anything about the Port Townsend press. You should read it.

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Northwest publishing successes? Don't forget Fantagraphics.

On the other hand, Christopher, we've nearly sold out our first series of books. There's a very limited number of COMPLETE SETS of FIRST EDITIONS here:

Eight unforgettable literary lifebombs only 65 bucks cheap. (Or about $13 each).

Shit--I forgot Fantagraphics. I always forget the comics publishers. You're right, Fantagraphics is awesome. They deserve all the praise in the world.

Thanks for the tip/link, Jensen.

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