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Monday, March 27, 2006

Last Victim Identified

Posted by on March 27 at 16:11 PM

According to the P-I, the undentified female victim is 14-year-old Melissa Moore from Milton, Washington.

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I don't believe they have identified the injured yet, though.

We believe the first name of one of the injured men is Kian, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Tom Francis posted more information here.

Her myspace profile? Kids often overstate their ages on myspace. . .

We know that the Times and other reactionaries are already calling for a new Teen Dance Ordinance. Who wants to bet that they'll make hay out of the fact that the girls who died were teens and a lot younger than the adult male victims?

I don't know if I'm "making hay", and I'm certainly not calling for a new TDO, but it is a little creepy -- 14 and 15 year old girls -- just girls? -- partying in a house with guys in their 30s, drugs and alcohol present? That's already against the law.

Fnarf, it may be time for a brisk walk out in the sunshine.


I've been reading your (often asinine and inflammatory) comments on these pages for a while. I was just curious...could you post a bit of your background or demographic information so we can better understand the person from whom some of this stuff originates? And inquiring minds what to know....what does FNARF stand for? Or should we have a contest to come up with a definition?

14??? jesus christ. those poor parents. this whole thing is such a sad state of affairs.

fnarf and any other person without a heart. The two boys I know of were wonderful polite people. Shame on you for insinuating that they were doing anything creepy. Jeremy and Jason would never do anything to what your horrible mind may be thinking. Jason was asleep in a chair when he was shot and Jeremy was sitting on the porch in his own home. Be mindful of the memories that you tarnish especially good people you know nothing about.

I am not without a heart. My heart bleeds for these people and their loved ones. I was not insinuating that Jeremy or Jason were "doing anything creepy" with the girls. I just don't think it's a good idea for 14 year old girls to party with guys who are 32. As we have seen amply demonstrated, not all of the older guys in that house were "good people". One of them was a mass killer. I don't think the girls should have been there.

As for my background, I'm old, bitter, terribly sad and terribly mad. That's all you need to know.

bottom line: 20- and 30-somethings should not be partying with 14 or 15 year old girls. i don't care how fucking cuddly the scene is.

no disrespect intended to the victims, their friends, and families. this is a horrible thing for them to be going through.

but, honestly, is there ANYONE out there that thinks it is ok for a 14 year old to be partying until 7 in the morning with a bunch of young adults?

I was once one of those 15-year-old girls. I went out dancing, often until dawn, multiple times a week. Lots and lots of drugs were around. But I never used, never drank, never had sex -- I never even smoked. The older guys around me -- they most definitely did not see me as a dating prospect. They looked out for me, cared about my wellbeing, and let it be known to the guys I *was* dating (who were much closer to my age) that if I got hurt, there would be all kinds of hell to pay. They protected me. I had about a dozen big brothers. It was people exactly like the ones who were killed this weekend who *kept* me in line, when my own family bizarrely did not.

Would you rather your daughters hang out with 32-year-olds in their house or sleep in a doorway on Broadway?

FBARF, i think you just mixed up your apples with some oranges.

Are we fretting over these girls because it's the "village" thing to do? I'd rather put the onus on their PARENTS.

As a parent, I don't think 14 year-olds should be at house parties with 30 year-olds.

As a 14 year-old, I went to lots of house parties with 30 year-olds. Most of them were cast parties (theater fag), but... still. We have to be careful that we don't fly off the handle about simple numbers. Particulars and circumstances matter, and this particular house, and the particular people at it (with one tragic exception), sound like a the kind of people I would want my son to hang with if, at age 14, he's taking part in the dance scene.

Still, awful, awful.

Maybe I'm getting old, but it's a 14 yr old girl and it's absolutely sick that she is dead, but dang near as sick that she was in this environment in the first place.

According to the article in the Seattle Times, she was with a group of girls who ended up at the house because they didn't have another place to wait for the bus after friends they went to the CHAC with stranded them.

"Separated from the friends who ferried her to the rave at Capitol Hill Arts Center, she stuck with two other teenage girls from Bellevue, he said. At the end of the party, they were stranded.

They were invited to the blue house on East Republican Street.

"Whoever invited her probably felt sorry that they had to wait until six or seven (a.m.) for a bus to come by," Kyle Moore said."

Oh, man. I can remember what it was like being stranded like that, knowing the Sunday bus was hours and hours away. She's probably thinking that waiting there in the cold was the worst thing that could happen to her. Damn it, damn it.

I can't be the only one who found myself in exactly this same situation when I was 14 and 15. Stranded with no car at a late party, sometimes out of town. Sneaking into parties was what my friends and I tried to do every weekend. We weren't fuck-ups, either. Maybe more mature than most other kids our age, but we weren't out being burners. We ended up at lots of parties like these waiting for busses to come to take us home.

Granted, I'm a gay dude, but I was often stranded with one or more female friends. I think this is something that parents should continue to resolutely forbid and kids should continue to get away with. Nothing out of the ordinary-- not a story. Back in my day we felt blessed to be given a safe place to go for a few hours by friendly twentysomethings.

I'm still blown away by this horrible tragedy and kudos to the stranger for their coverage.

I remember being stranded too.

I called my parents.

Your parents sound either awesome or permissive. Lots of us didn't have that luxury.

the stranded thing definitely changes my opinion on those kids being in that house. thanks for posting that bit of information.

i still don't think 14 or 15 year olds should be hanging out with 20- and 30-somethings. and vice versa. however, it certainly doesn't mean they should be murdered.

Now I can't stop crying again.

These poor parents will suffer for the rest of their days, and more so for the family of the two young girls....OK to be out all night?

No, not all night scenes in such mixed and unknown places. Moms should have had the... call me if there is any problem and we will come get you.

I had two sisters and the rule was they always had cab fare and phone cards and change and cell phones.

So sad. And quite stupid for those parents. Dan --- you have a son. Violence, real bad violence in the generic sense --- big time danger for girls.

Let's not be foolish on that fact. Anything that can happen to a young male will happen many times over for the same age girl. Vulnerable is the word to all the crazy creeps.

The twin knows why. My family is full of twins for three generations. Non twins don't understnd there really is like one person not two - and they lived together to boot. No secrets possible.

Trivial to argue at this point, but RTFA: the 14 year old had a cell phone (check) and dad had told her a gajillion times to call, no matter the time (check). Like many kids do, she lied to go to a fun party-- dad didn't even know where she was. That's why he was searching for her at friends houses and at South Hill Mall.

Don't victimize the parents twice by blaming them for something that they proactively tried to prevent and that many (most) kids do.

my parents were neither awesome nor permissive.

and also, i was never invited to house parties by older strangers when i found myself stranded in seattle at 2am on a saturday night.

i'm just doing the unavoidable brainstorm for ways this could have been avoided. even though it probably could not have given the apparent randomness of the whole thing.

Oh please why are people talking about gender. Why are people talking about these girls as if they are the shooter's focus, and therefore they brought it on somehow. That amazing boy who was 32 and worked at PCC was just as hated by the shooter as those girls were. He hated everybody. We need to figure out his hate, not why these restless girls were out at 7in the morning. That is not hard to figure out and it will never be "solved."

i'm pretty sure people are talking about gender because this particular slog entry specifically addresses the fact that one of the victims is a 14 year old girl.

i don't see anyone talking about the girls being a focus of the shooter, nor do i see blame being placed on them for being in the wrong place at a terribly wrong time.

of the many entries regarding this crime (kudos again to the stranger for their coverage), this one revealed a particularly unsettling fact: a 14 year old girl was partying all night with people considerably older than her.

this fact does not place blame on the victims. this fact will, however, be trotted out at every possible opportunity when discussing the future of all ages events, raves, and anything else having to do with this lurid situation.

i don't think this specific thread is placing blame on gender or age. i am pretty positive that everyone is in agreement that the shooter was fucked in the head and hell bent on kiling everyone he encountered, regardless of age or sex.

and homeboy worked at madison market, not pcc.

I used to party at that age, my parents thought I was at "Susies" or whatever. This is not on the parents of the 14 year old. This is solely on the shooter. Damn, people walk into McD's and pull out guns, are the parents to blame cause their kid was getting a Happy Meal??
It seems this world is suddenly full of crazy folk, anyone else notice that????

Thanks for injecting some clearheaded sense, Kerri.

The P-I is reporting that the 14-year-old's Saturday night curfew was 3 AM.

I know everyone is upset, but for once people should sit back, calm down and wait to get all the facts before they make judgements. For a minute everyone assumed this was some sort of after hours drug party with a bunch of 25-25 year old dudes and 14 & 15 year old girls. Sounds bad. But that's not the reality at all. So chill the fuck out. You don't know these people. I don't know these people. Let's not assume the worst and judge everyone before we know what was happening. This event is very sad, but it becomes even sadder if we start throwing around judgements before we know all the facts. Seems like the more we know, the more it looks like some guy target this scene and was not part of it, and the victims were good people with good parents doing nothing wrong. Before we start casting blame let's get all the info. The Seattle Times fucked up editorial board has already done this, let's not make the same mistakes here.

To the Stranger Staff - thanks for covering this so well and thoroughly. This Slog has been a great place to get updated info for a lot of people. Good work.

Thank you, most of the people in the house were sleeping being that it was 7am.I miss them.

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