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Monday, March 27, 2006

Jeremy Martin and Jason Travers

Posted by on March 27 at 15:18 PM

This email just arrived:

Please use the photos of Jeremy Martin and Jason Travers from the Capitol Hill tragedy. The pictures on the news are 5 or more years outdated. Our market misses our two wonderful co-op family members. They were beautiful, wonderful people. Please mention in your paper and on your website that Madison Market is taking donations at our registers to raise money for Jeremy and Jason’s family.

Jeremy Ales

Jason copy.jpg
Jason Travers

If anyone needs to contact Madison Market for information, you can send an email to or

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Thank you for posting this picture of Jason. It looks just as he did when we last saw him in December 2004, when he flew home to New York.

Thanks, Dan. These photos make them look like people and not names in a newspaper article. This is just so brutal.

Don't thank me. Thank Jason and Jeremy's friends at Madison Market—they're the ones who got these pictures out, and are raising money for Jason and Jeremy's families.

I will be.

Damn it, Dan.
I've been able to hold it together during this whole thing. But those pictures are really hard to take.

Yeah, thanks for posting them. Jason was my cousin. The whole thing is surreal. Is so great to know that he had people around him that cared about him.

i last saw him in Dec. of 2004 also. What I remember most about him was that he REALLY listened to whoever he was talking to. He wanted to hear what you had to say.

You can also find some pictures of the victims here which I found linked from NWTekno.

They all look so happy - I'm at a loss for something more profound to say. They all just look so happy...

I would also like to say thanks for the updated photos. I am another a cousin.

Jason was the kindest, gentlest soul I have ever known. I know how much he loved his friends and his life in Seattle. We loved him on the east coast too.
We are thinking of all of you as you struggle through everything.

They look like smelly hippies to me.

I don't shop at overpriced vegan shops so I've never be confronted by their bad hairdos and and certainly won't miss them.

The herd has been thinned of a few drug addicts who held marginal jobs. The rest of us will be stronger for it.

H H --- sorry the smell is your asshole and rotting brain.

You never knew any true hippies, they all smelled like woodsmoke and honest sweat from chopping for hours - the wood.

You fool.

HH- your are a tru ass. I hope someone near you kicks your rotten, stinkin, nasty, fucking ass.

All hippies stink from their rank lentil tofu diets. These Hippies wouldn't know a woodstove from a cellphone.

Hippy creeps that allow Fourteen year old girls at their 5am drug parties should take their raves someplace else.

I thought all those died haired Broadway losers had moved to Portland years ago. If they had, this never would have happened.

Hippie Hater: the poison in your soul is going to eat you up from the inside. It sounds like you're mostly gone already. Seek help now.

The wafting acrid scent of hippie pits eats away at their tiny hippie brains, and the brains of anyone nearby.

Please hippies, for your own well being and the well being of Seattle move away now! Take you died hair vegan asses to another urban area.

FYI - Stranger Readers HATE HIPPIES.

Portland might still welcome you, but Seattle pulled up the welcome mat a decade ago.

as a longtime fan of slog, i've been wondering what it would take for Ye Olde Internet Jackasses to start posting their vitriolic nonsense here.

clearly, the answer is a mass murder.

As a longtime reader of "The Stranger" I welcome it's anti-hippie vibe.

Seriously, Seattle is better off without these rank hippie armpits.

Just wanted to post this again under the loved friends I’ve lost.

I’m far from a hippie and could care less if some of the people shot identified as hippies or were 14 to 30, the situation is still sad. I wanted to point out that the people I knew that died in the shooting had much more to them than an enjoyment of electronic music. I was friends of Jeremy and Jason and never spent time at a rave with them. I have attended parties at the house and danced to Michael Jackson (everybody loves Thriller) in the late hours, had a great time, and made it home safe. I am reading peoples posting about how the stranger hates hippies and how we are apparently better off without the boys who held mediocre jobs and ate tofu, (Jeremy ate meat so I find that funny) and the comments were posted under Jeremy and Jason’s picture. Both of the boys families are reading the postings, why would someone post things about people they don’t know. Everyone has an opinion on the victims. Most of the negative ones are provided by strangers. This is a shock to our community because these wonderful people had a lot of friends and we all miss them

Just want to say that the Stranger and Dan are wonderful and the response I received from the Seattle Weekly was awful and was obvious that they could care less about the situation but really just wanted a story. So thanks Dan and the Stranger. Still #1 and all of the victims friends and family should know it.

I am female and, as stated above, have gone to many of both boys parties in the past. I have known them both for a minimum of five years and they were stand up guys. Jeremy was a goof and a good huger and Jason was shy and had sweet crushes on all the girls. What a waste of two fantastic people. I’m sure each of the other victims had the same greatness about them. My heart goes out to all the families and friends involved.

Those we lost were Saints. They had a greatness about them, the kindest and gentlest souls treading this earth. I hope we can create a fitting memorial so our city will always remember this human perfection that moved among us.

I propose we sew a quilt, perhaps each of us could create a square representing what our lost loved one ment to us. In this way we express both our loss, and the deep American need to feel the comfort of a warm blanket wrapped around us.

AIDs dead = thinning the herd

Hippies dead = thinning the herd

Tacoma Mall Shooting = opportunity for humor

Capital Hill Shooting = opportunity for humor

I went to high school with Jason. He was a HUGE influence on my life. He was the kindest, gentlest person I ever met. He did really listen, and he was so non-violent that for something like this to happen just seems unreal.

I still can't believe he's gone. I wish there was some way I could tell his family that he won't be forgotten, ever, by the many people whose lives he has touched.

I wish we had kept in touch more after high school, but everyone goes their separate ways after all. I just wanted everyone to know that those of us who knew him long ago still love him too. Jason was one of my heroes; the kind of person I aspire to be. His shining example lives on in our memories and he will be missed.

Hagiographies will be published in next weeks edition along with cartoons o the victims.

We're look for - one of my heroes, the kind of person I aspire to be, shining example, never said an unkind word, helped old ladies across the street - you get the picture.

The recent events have shooken up my life as well as many friends and family members. Jeremy was especially close with my brothers and best friend. It is a tough time for many. I am very thankful that my one of my 2 brothers weren't there. If Kyle had chosen a different night my life couldv'e taken a much worse turn. Hopefully, we will all remember their loving ways and quickly forget the horror unleashed on such sweet souls. May the music play on and on...

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