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Monday, March 27, 2006

Update from the SPD

Posted by on March 27 at 13:48 PM

Seattle police officers released a few new details about Saturday morning’s shooting, but offered no clues about the motive behind alleged shooter Kyle Huff’s rampage. Deputy Police Chief Clark Kimerer did say that Huff—whose truck, found a block away from the murder scene, contained 300-plus rounds of ammunition, a semiautomatic rifle, a .40-gauge handgun, a baseball bat, and a machete—was “very deliberate in his attempt to kill everyone he shot.”

“My speculation is that this was not a sudden attack,” Kimerer said. “He came heavily armed with ammunition… and clearly intent on doing homicidal mayhem. … Whenever you run across a suspect who has 300-plus rounds available to him, I think it’s safe to surmise he was intent on doing great damage.”

Kimerer added that while Huff was reportedly “edgy” at CHAC before the afterparty, there was “no overt indication [in Huff’s] speech or manner that he was capable of this type of violence.”

Police also confirmed that they had seized potential evidence from the North Seattle apartment Kyle Huff shared with his twin brother, Kane, and had interviewed Kane Huff “extensively” about the crime. Kimerer said police did not seize any weapons from the apartment, but did take a computer and other evidence. (Reports that police found grenades in the apartment were inaccurate, Kimerer said.) From the interview with Kane Huff, police surmised that “there was no evidence that he had any knowledge of the activities of his brother… Obviously, while he was a key source of information to us, there was no indication he was connected with this crime.

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It seems like the police don't have much to offer in the way of interesting new details about the case. I would like to know more as I knew one of the victims . . . a very sweet guy . . . and it's frustrating to know so little. Since we know who committed the crime I can't understand why the police are so reticent to give us more info about what they do know, as they probably know a lot they are not saying.

Thanks so much for the ongoing, respectful, clued-in coverage. Please keep it up.

NOT to imply that this bit of new information isn't appreciated . . . I just get the feeling the police are sitting on a lot of intelligence.

I guess I was thinking maybe the killer got frustrated at the party, sitting and standing off alone drinking beer by himself, a loner, quiet, and maybe he got frustrated and put out that no one talked to him much, or that he couldn't relate. But now it seems he was just waiting for an opening, in his consciousnes I suppose, to make his move.

You wouldn't go driving around with that much ordinance unless you meant to kill a lot of people. The wonder is that he didn't start firing earlier, at 5 a.m. or so when there were more people there. The question that comes to mind is why did he wait until 7 a.m.?

It's possible that at 7 a.m. he was so inebriated that he felt capable of doing something so awful. But again, loading your car with that much ammo and driving down from Northgate . . . he was probably sober . . . he intended to kill on a mass scale.

I'm just thinking maybe he needed a huge amount of alcohol in him before he could proceed?

I wish they would release the toxicology reports on this.

I kind of imagined him watching all those young, happy people hanging out. Then, for some reason, he decided that he wanted to take all of it away from them, for no other reason than to play God.

We'll never know what was going on in his head. Maybe that's a good thing.

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