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Monday, March 27, 2006

Rave Photos

Posted by on March 27 at 17:06 PM

One of the ravers at the “Better Off Undead” party at the Capitol Hill Arts Center posted 40 photos from the party online sometime after the Saturday-night rave. None of the photos appear to include images of alleged shooter Kyle Huff; the Stranger has not identified any of the individuals in these images.




The rest of the images can be found here.

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The word "here" that is hyperlinked below the photos is not opening a new page in both Firefox and IE. Can you provide a link to the other pics that were posted?


Fixed, thanks.

Ghoulish makeup indeed.

Perhaps our intrepid Stranger reporters will locate and publish the coroner photos of the murder victims?

Then we can all compare the pre murder make up with Kyle Huff's handiwork?

We want to slup up every tiny detail of this morbid occasion, and it's up to the media to feed us.

Anything to distract us from the hundreds who die every day at the hands of our military.

Mmm hmm, Crash Worship.... maybe we're all a bit insensitive for letting something this shocking and unexpected that happened in our very midst put Iraq out of our minds for a couple of days?

Crash Worship says "Anything to distract us from the hundreds who die every day at the hands of our military."
The vast majority of the dead in Iraq are being killed in sectarian violence, Shiites by Sunnis, Sunnis by Shiites. Not "the hands of our military". Don't blame the military; blame the Commander in Chief for unleashing that beast.

These murders will only take my mind off what our government is doing for a few days.

I hope there's a runaway bride, or a kiddie beauty queen murdered, anything to distract me from the shocking THIRTY THOUSAND brown people my goverment has murdered in Iraq.

All it takes is one or two white people killed and I can feel a comfortable indignation and outrage. It's just easier for me to feel upset when white people die.

When the man on TV says a hundred brown Iraqi women and childred were mowed down by American weapons, I feel nothing. Well, maybe a vague desire to watch a Terantino flick. But his movies haven't been that good lately.

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