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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally! Vulcan Productions Does Something Useful

posted by on October 31 at 14:26 PM

I’ve gotten used to seeing Vulcan Productions (the film-production wing of Paul Allen’s axis of weevil) turn out the deeply misguided and the merely mediocre. (OK, fine, you liked Bickford Schmeckler’s Cool Ideas. But the slobbered-over Far From Heaven was a desiccated tribute to melodrama, and I’ll fight anybody who disagrees.)

So I’m intrigued to see Allen fly his nerd flag and back NOVA’s Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial. I like the idea of focusing on the Dover decision—the propagation of intelligent design is, after all, a legitimate topic for legal debate, whereas it’s outside the proper scope of science. The episode will air on PBS on Tuesday, November 13 at 8 pm.

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Posted by duh. | October 31, 2007 2:34 PM

Thanks, fixed.

Posted by annie | October 31, 2007 2:39 PM

Far From Heaven was terrible.

Posted by Mr. Poe | October 31, 2007 2:47 PM

But I lerv me some NOVA! Nice to see some riches put to good use.

Posted by Dougsf | October 31, 2007 2:48 PM

I love Far From Heaven!

Annie, go watch your beloved Cruel Intentions.

Poe, go make fun of Annie.

Posted by David Schmader | October 31, 2007 2:51 PM

Hard Candy was good. It made me uncomfortable, it made me nervous, it excited me, and it surprised me. That's more than I can say for almost any other movie I've seen this year. Oh, and this is off-topic I guess, but if you haven't seen Deathproof you should. Immediately.

Posted by Carollani | October 31, 2007 3:25 PM

I have been personally told to stop making fun of Annie. By someone I respect. So I will. Stop. For now.

Posted by Mr. Poe | October 31, 2007 3:30 PM

I'm with you, Schmader. Far From Heaven knocked me out. I adore Sirk's All That Heaven Allows, too, but Todd Haynes has his own (post-Stonewall) thing going on, and I'm looking forward to his Dylan extravaganza, I'm Not There.

Posted by Kathy Fennessy | October 31, 2007 11:33 PM

"Far From Heaven" was depressing as all get-out...

Posted by Ono | October 31, 2007 11:52 PM

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