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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Messenger…

posted by on September 20 at 9:39 AM

…has crossed over.

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49? Fuck.

Posted by Mr. Poe | September 20, 2007 9:48 AM

Is there a collection of his "messages" anywhere online?

I honestly can't say that I would read them all the way through, but I'd feel better knowing they they're available for posterity.

Posted by JC | September 20, 2007 10:08 AM

Brain cancer? Maybe his diet wasn't so healthy after all.

Posted by I. Ron E. | September 20, 2007 10:15 AM

@3 If the guy had died of heart disease maybe your comment would be warranted, but brain cancer? All kinds of people get brain cancer... it's no reason to accuse them of eating poorly. Jesus. It sounds like the guy did what he could, he lived how he could to keep the peace with himself. I give him props for trying.

Posted by Katelyn | September 20, 2007 10:42 AM

I can't help but wonder if his brain tumor was the cause of all his nutty paranoid ramblings and his belief that he was "The Messenger."

Posted by jp | September 20, 2007 10:43 AM

I told you that organic food would give you cancer!

Posted by Rotten666 | September 20, 2007 10:51 AM

@4 There are links between nutrition and all sorts of ailments: heart disease, diabetes, degenerative disorders and, yes, cancer.

This is but one link to show that it's not a completely whack idea:

Maybe it was all the carbs that did him in.

Posted by I. Ron. E. | September 20, 2007 10:54 AM

"Eat, run, stay fit, and die anyways." -- George Carlin

Posted by Jason Josephes | September 20, 2007 10:57 AM

I. Ron E. = idiot of the day

Posted by Lloyd Cooney | September 20, 2007 12:18 PM

Holy Shit! I used to work at a hotel downtown on Fourth, and in 2005 he checked in and stayed as a guest for nearly three months.

That guy was weird as hell. He used to sit in the lobby for 12 hours at a time, tripping balls on shrooms.

Good times, with that one. Unsettling to know he's gone.

Posted by louley | September 20, 2007 1:46 PM

"amanita muscaria -- a hallucinogenic mushroom known to cause brain damage"

what? why didn't anyone tell me this before!!!

Posted by hmmm | September 20, 2007 2:05 PM

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