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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Young Repredators

posted by on August 8 at 7:44 AM

Wonkette has some more details about Glenn Murphy, the newly-elected chair of the Young Republican National Federation who resigned yesterday after a police report detailing Murphy’s sexual assault of another Young Republican emerged. The Young Republicans have scrubbed Murphy from their website, but Google has preserved Murphy for posterity.

Murphy—who, as a political adviser, urged GOP candidates to attack gay marriage—claims that the blowjob he was caught giving the unconscious young man was completely consensual. So for those of you keeping score at home: anti-gay closet cases blowjobs to sleeping young men? Good sex. Out gay people getting married? Good wedge issue.

And there’s more…

Glenn was charged with Sexual Battery for doing this exact same thing in 1998 (this victim’s girlfriend was in the same room!). So he was, of course, the natural choice to head the Young Republicans.

And you gotta love the quote Murphy gave the Jeffersonville News and Tribune after his election last month: “I will essentially be the mouthpiece and effective leader for the tens of thousands of Young Republicans, 18 to 40, across the country.”

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mouthpiece. Ha!

Posted by Rotten666 | August 8, 2007 8:11 AM

Can you really sleep through a blowjob?

Posted by uhmmmm | August 8, 2007 8:16 AM

"Can you really sleep through a blowjob?"

Well, I'd like to try...

Posted by Kristafarian | August 8, 2007 8:21 AM

didn't happen to save a picture, did you? The Google cache seems to have been updated with the change...

Posted by UNPAID BLOGGER | August 8, 2007 8:21 AM

You sleep through it until the Young Republican hums the official platform statements of the Neo-Nazi-Cons.

Posted by No But if you Hum a Few Bars | August 8, 2007 8:21 AM

Actually, I don't see Murphy's name anywhere on the saved Google page... I think the Republican party has indeed successfully erased the past.

Posted by jubejube | August 8, 2007 8:21 AM

Glenn Murphy doesn't appear to be on the archived web page!

OMG, the Gross Old Perverts and their Reality Control™ have gotten to Google, too!!

Posted by Original Andrew | August 8, 2007 8:22 AM

at first I thought Dan was being mean and petty - after all nothing wrong with needing a dick fix or just laying there pretending to be asleep, cause after all, you are a straight guy, no kissing allowed.

but now, given the politics, too sucking bad, the Young Republican deserves his headache ... closet case is one thing, shit bird far right political opponent is another.

Hump story here ? Young Republicans late at night? Could be very funny ... and sexy if players are hot and oh so desperatey heated up ...

Posted by Harold Hardon | August 8, 2007 8:25 AM

Someone could write a book about this phenomena. Their tormented minds are in a constant war: their sexual feelings vs. their advocacy of a contrarian viewpoint. Murphy, Denver pastor Ted Haggert, Mark Foley who resigned from Congress last year after the scandal with congressional pages, and straight guys too: Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Baker. I’m sure that when they do have to release their sexuality, it’s even more thrilling because it’s so “taboo” for them. Fascinating.

Posted by raindrop | August 8, 2007 8:26 AM

It's no longer in the Google cache, but the wayback machine caught it.

Unfortunately I cannot post the link to the wayback machine cache without triggering the spam filter though.

Posted by Tiffany | August 8, 2007 8:27 AM

Hmmmm... the google cache page has an odd header, too...

"The page may have changed since that time. Click here for the current page without highlighting.
This cached page may reference images which are no longer available. Click here for the cached text only.

"Google is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its content.
These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: glenn murphy"

Pesky kids and there tech savvyness.

Posted by Erin | August 8, 2007 8:30 AM

It's the most shocking Republican sex crime of the LAST THREE DAYS!!! Where will they strike next?

My guess: Lynn Cheney at the Michigan Womyn's Festival.

Someone call Dateline NBC.

raindrop @ 9,

Sigmund Freud has already. The entire Repukelican Party seems to be suffering from reaction formation (and narcissistic personality disorder).

Posted by Original Andrew | August 8, 2007 8:37 AM
Posted by Fnarf | August 8, 2007 8:43 AM

Can anyone get a cite or source to Murphy counseling attacks on gay marriage; the hypocrisy is what's salient here...

Posted by will avshalom | August 8, 2007 9:11 AM

Only one hit at the Wayback Machine:

Unfortunately, it's from May 3, 2007 so Glenn is still listed as "Secretary"...

Posted by I Was Asleep...Really. | August 8, 2007 9:21 AM

Do you think if gay marriage were allowed that these conservitive kids would have waited till marriage and avoided this whole scandal.

Posted by Prof. Technician | August 8, 2007 9:22 AM

Well. As a Hoosier native, I'm just glad to know he's from south of Interstate 70. All the good people in IN live north of I-70.

Posted by Michigan Matt | August 8, 2007 9:36 AM


The only salient issue here is hypocrisy? I'd say the mouth rape is pretty important too. Republicans hold themselves up as paragons of morality and then, as Fnarf's link tries to prove, wind up getting caught soliciting prostitutes or committing sexual assaults.

Posted by keshmeshi | August 8, 2007 10:17 AM

Oops. I misread that as Murphy sticking it into the sleeping guy's mouth; I blame it on Bob Allen. Anyhoo, my point still stands. Murphy is a hypocrite for being a "morally upstanding" Republican who likes to assault other men.

Posted by keshmeshi | August 8, 2007 10:23 AM

@3 - giving one? no idea. receiving one? well, I've been woken up that way quite a few times, so I'm guessing kind of no.

Posted by Will in Seattle | August 8, 2007 10:53 AM

oh, and maybe this is so he won't have to serve in combat? kind of makes it difficult to draft him ...

Posted by Will in Seattle | August 8, 2007 10:55 AM

The really sad part is he had to hit on some guy while the guy was sleeping. Gutless.

Posted by crazycatguy | August 8, 2007 11:38 AM

The only people who are INTERESTED in setting themselves up as paragons and protectors of morality are people who internally fear that they will behave immorally if they don't. That's the reason.

Anti-gay nutjobs have a vastly higher rate of homosexuality than the population at large; child molesters have an incentive to be unusually vocal about protecting kids from predators.

Posted by Fnarf | August 8, 2007 11:40 AM

He must be really unskilled at giving a blowjob if the guy slept through it. LMAO. That alone would keep him from getting his gay card. Oh yeah, being a right wing nut job Republican asswipe closet case already does that!

Posted by Rick in IL | August 8, 2007 11:43 AM

The best part of that article is that Murphy's lawyer posted in the comments section (!), complaining about the leaking of the police report, and just happened to slip in the name of the victim that had been redacted in the report...

Posted by Peter | August 8, 2007 12:02 PM

"unexpected business opportunity that would prohibit him from holding a partisan political office"

..that's the best way of saying "giving an unwanted blowjob" ever!!!

Posted by david | August 8, 2007 12:36 PM

Once again, Fnarf says it better than I could.

Posted by Dianna | August 8, 2007 12:45 PM

Geesh! Obviously, the alleged perp had been sleeping most deeply. Most likely dreaming about the impending Liberal takeover of the Fatherland; and, in his consternation, reverted to thumb-sucking. Naturally. However, in this state of unawareness, he merely missed his intended target. Could'a happened to almost anyone. So what's the Big Problem?

Posted by Kristafarian 2 | August 8, 2007 6:18 PM

Poor bastard, having a bad dream; for comfort, goes to suck his thumb, misses, and now he's History? Doesn't anyone else see what the Liberals are doing here? It's the same thing with the news from Iraq... When will this crap stop?

Posted by Kristafarian 2 | August 8, 2007 6:59 PM

Poor bastard, having a bad dream; for comfort, goes to suck his thumb, misses, and now he's History? Doesn't anyone else see what the Liberals are doing here? It's the same thing with the news from Iraq... When will this crap stop? Can't you just leave the Rapepublicans alone?

Posted by Kristafarian 2 | August 8, 2007 7:03 PM

So Sorry. They got to my computer. Can somebody please delete 67% of my posts, please? It'll never happen again. Promise my heart and hope to die. Anyone seen my Sword?

Posted by Kristafarian 2 | August 8, 2007 7:10 PM

Clearly Murphy needs to receive pastoral counseling from Ted Haggard and repent!

Posted by Mud Baby | August 11, 2007 12:48 PM

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