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Friday, April 27, 2007


posted by on April 27 at 9:55 AM

Damn you, Tyler Green!

Yesterday, Modern Art Notes reported that Aqua Art Miami, the fair concurrent with Art Basel Miami Beach run by two Seattle artists, Jaq Chartier and Dirk Park, will be expanding this December.

And not just expanding, but doubling—and improving.

In addition to the hotel part of Aqua on the beach, Chartier and Park will be renting out a warehouse across the bridge in Wynwood, near where NADA holds its popular fair. Asked whether Aqua is going head-to-head with Nada, Chartier told MAN: “Definitely.”

Aqua’s warehouse presentation will have larger booths than NADA, permanent walls (since Aqua will be renting the warehouse year-round—which raises the question, is Aqua expanding beyond a December phenomenon?), and a layout that does away with the usual shopping aisles setup.

Bold, bold, bold, bold, bold.

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