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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Possibility

posted by on April 19 at 17:09 PM

Is there a possible connection between Sanjaya’s defeat last night on American Idol and the Virgina Tech massacre? Sanjaya Malakar; Cho Seung-Hui? Maybe this was the worst week in the show’s history to be an Asian male? The headline for a post on The Village Voice’s blog: “Sanjaya Malakar: America’s Long National Nightmare Finally Ends.”

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As a matter of "fact": Sanjaya will be performing a song next week by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

Now for our Stranger Video-text.

How would you define an ironic hypocrite?

Bonus points if you don't answer.

Posted by darling463 | April 19, 2007 5:18 PM

I hear that the Sanjaya School of Hair will be opening soon.

Posted by Will in Seattle | April 19, 2007 5:23 PM


Posted by 123 | April 19, 2007 5:44 PM

This may be the dumbest post I've seen yet on Slog, which is sayin' somethin'. Rivaled only by the one a couple of weeks ago on what somebody's finger smelled like coming out of the bathroom.

"Seattle's Only Newspaper." Right.

Posted by Don | April 19, 2007 6:01 PM

Why do you write for this blog, again? Ugh.

Posted by Jen | April 19, 2007 6:05 PM

Quit being mean.

Posted by To All You People | April 19, 2007 6:12 PM

I was thinking the same thing. However, I think the reason was that there was a sombering of the American mood. Sanjaya was a clown, and perhaps America wasn't in the mood for clowns anymore. Additionally, maybe all the Howard Stern let's-wreck-the-show people were preoccupied. As to whether there was a racial factor, I don't think so. Do people really equate central-asian "asian" with east-asian "asian," in terms of broad racial stereotype, the catagorization used for subconscious racial prejudice? Maybe asking this question makes me racist somehow, but I think the answer is no.

Posted by Mr Me | April 19, 2007 7:21 PM

This is not a newspaper. This is a blog.

Posted by Patrick | April 19, 2007 7:26 PM

And Don, some of us have never looked back ethically or otherwise after that last tawdry "punch through".

There might just be something to that post, my main man.

Posted by Lloyd Clydesdale | April 19, 2007 10:09 PM

Mr. Mudede's sexist photos often irritate me but I must grudgingly admit he has the most interesting/quirky riffs on the world. I hate to admit this. Ouuch.

Posted by DKJ | April 20, 2007 6:51 AM

No. This is deranged. I doubt enough Americans even know that India and South Korea are part of the same continent. Most of the time, the label of Leftists as America-Haters seems offensive and unbelievably stupid. And then again, sometimes not. Thanks, Slog!

Posted by Ryno | April 20, 2007 7:06 AM

A more pertinent question - how closely is Sanjaya connected with Kevin Bacon?

Posted by Sean | April 20, 2007 8:15 AM

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