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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on March 20 at 15:25 PM

Haven’t perused Line Out today? Here’s what you’ve missed so far:

Ari Likes White Nights: And she says so here.

We Reviewed the Hell Outta Them: Now Clipse reviews Seattle.

Introducing Sea of Hands: “Featuring anything that is somehow related to how Cascadians make and enjoy non-rock-centric music.”

You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted It: Dave Segal interviews Whitey.

Hiphop’s Dying: Nelly’s holdin’ the smoking gun.

Don’t Be Late: Oroku plays early at the Comet.

Cutting Edge: Isaac Brock might need a Band-Aid.

Bad Snare Day?: Kevin Suggs answers your questions.

“Dude, Where’s My Skin?”: Schoolyard Heroes preview new song.

Number One With a Bullet: LCD Soundsystem aims high.

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