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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trip to the Grocery Store

posted by on December 27 at 12:43 PM

Here I am, at home in Southern California, where life is far too easy. I’m from the kind of rich hippie town where public art installations are well-funded, but atrocious (yes, the title of that work is “early bird shopper”), and wild teenagers carve peace signs into cactus arms. It’s nice, being on a break and having free time to squander any way I want. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and, overwhelmed by all the colors and marketing schemes, wandered around gawking at different products. The same kind of confusing culture shock happens to me when I watch t.v. news or flip through Sky Mall. Anyway, among the selection of fine pet foods at the market:

dog treats.jpg
Hot dog! Whatta rack! And an enviable waist line, too.

Also, a frightened girl held hostage with a candy cane among these absurd stock images peddling sausage: (Because it’s “Always a Party!” with sausage.)
sausage party.jpg

And, finally, children, brush your teeth with ice cream!

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Don't you love what they did behind the arcade, near the fountain that looks like a cabbage blossom? They ripped out the other cool fountain behind Bonnie Lu's and replaced it with a bizarre sculptural homage to early-90's museum installations -- you know, the ones that were a bunch of colored pencils stacked against each other?

That may be the mark of a well-funded "artsy" community -- not taking time to meditate on what art really is.

Posted by Saundra | December 27, 2006 1:21 PM

Love that ice cream cone toothbrush!

Posted by Velaconia | December 28, 2006 5:09 PM

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