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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Elliott, We Endorsed You Already!

Posted by on September 7 at 13:28 PM

Seattle Times reporter David Postman blogs about Republican contributor Mistress Madison who donated $1000 to Mike McGavick’s campaign. (The check, from dominatrix Mistress Madison’s Madison Communications, bounced).

McGavick spokesperson Elliott Bundy told Postman:

Apparently business is slow at “Madison Communications,” the check came into us non-sufficient funds. Too bad though, for a second I thought we had a chance to get the endorsement of the Stranger.

Elliott, we endorsed Mike! already… at least in the primary. Anyone who can hit 0.17 BAC! is going to get the Stranger Election Control Board endorsement.

Here’s that endorsement—published last week.


Okay, only good Democrats read our endorsements and like all good Democrats you’re occasionally tempted to cross party lines and indulge in a bit of anti-GOP monkey wrenching—you know, go vote for the right-wing nut to up his or her numbers and make the GOP look bad. To that end we were about to recommend one of the fuckwits in this race—someone like William Chovil, who pledges to take on national and global socialism and communism, or Brad Klippert, who describes himself as a “Ten Commandment—honoring evangelical.”

However, that was before the GOP frontrunner—ex-Safeco CEO Mike McGavick—came out about his 0.17 drunk-driving arrest and issued a mea culpa about his divorce. It wasn’t McGavick’s heavy drinking and broken vows that won him our endorsement (we are thinking of having a 0.17 party though), but the expectation that more evidence of McGavick’s self-destructive streak will emerge during the campaign. Drunk driving? Divorce? If those are the skeletons McGavick has shoved out of his closet, we wonder what skeletons are still in there somewhere.

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Well, they're a little slow in the MSM.

A little?

ok, really slow.

You liberals and democrats just don't get it. The whole drunk driving thing will work in Mike's favor.

It's just like I told my husband, Senator Johnny Iselin, right after I left my first husband. "We'll get married right away. At the split second that it becomes legal under the great American flag, see, lover?" I told him "We'll be as respectable as anybody else right at that instant, except just like everybody else, underneath. You know what I mean, lover? They're all tramps in their hearts and we'll want them to identify with us when the time comes to line up at the polls" and it worked. Got him in the Senate, didn't it?

If it hadn't been for the meddling Sgt Marco, I would have had the world on a string. Now all I got is a hole in the head and a rotting corpse.

You go, Mike!

Josh Feit has got to be the most pathetic ersatz news guy in town --quoting his own paper when not quoting himself. Hit the pavement, short guy.

Who in the Senate? Gorton? Didn't last long, did it?

Lying is a sin against God and always comes back to haunt you.

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