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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Museum Play!

Posted by on September 7 at 14:34 PM

Tonight The Stranger suggests you see The Museum Play at WET. I concur, with moderate reservations: You can read my web-only review here.


If you do see The Museum Play, there are several other nearby experiences I strongly suggest you avail yourself of. You can’t have the seriously delicious-looking (I’m a doubting vegetarian, so I haven’t actually tried it) lamb burger at Vios down the street, because they stop serving it, along with the rest of the lunch menu, at 5 pm. Sad. But you can get a “Good Orange” at Fuel, next door to WET, which combines organic orange juice with some dairy product and, um, it tastes so good I had three last weekend. Inside WET, there’s a great gallery show curated by Anne Blackburn, which involves lots of bodily residue. I especially recommend Jody Wood’s used motel-soap curtain + projections, which is seriously gross.

I myself am off to see ACT’s A Number, which, like Museum Play, is quite short. I applaud this programming trend.

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Sorry, I'm busy stalking people on facebook, thanks to the new Facebook interface that tells me everything they do, in every pervy little detail.

A play? There's football on tonight! Stay home and watch!

Football? What's football? Does it involve kicking a ball with your feet?

Thanks for the heads up on the Lamb and orange beverage. I'm basically vegetarian too, but I'll try anything new to expand my palate.

Work night. Friday is HUMP. Saturday has me doing a book club meeting in the afternoon but I'll see about checking it out later that night.

this play was very fun and witty- the seating was intimate- and the performers were awesome and it was fun to kick it with them after the play. The play was kinda trippy and encited a lot of emotions- the venue is small but precious. Highly recommended.

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