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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on September 14 at 8:16 AM

Former Texas governor Ann Richards has died. She was 73.

Like déja vu all over again: U.N. inspectors say U.S. warnings of Iran’s nuclear capabilities are exaggerated.

Congressional Republicans are backing President Bush’s wiretapping program. Shocking, I know. But at least some Rs are feeling queasy about military tribunals.

Conservative, liberal PACs are spending a shitload of money on the state Supreme Court contests.

Washington has broken its West Nile Virus cherry, courtesy of a man in Gig Harbor.

A former Mayor has been accused of the murder of a police officer in Brier.

Climatologists think our winter will be a mild one.

The death of Daniel Wayne Smith, son of Anna Nicole, is being called suspicious. Meanwhile, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown have split—until they’re reunited in rehab, at least.

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Gotta give props to Warner, McCain and Graham on this one. It's good to see them having some spine.

also, vincent was back! how is this not the lede?

It was quite enjoyable watching Vincent and Angela suffer some more, wasn't it?

"Climatologists think our winter will be a mild one."

Oh but don't forget that global warming is a liberal myth!

i thought colin powell's letter was pretty significant, too...

we need our PR post!!!

I think Bob Dylan said it best: "Ain't no truth comin' out of a liar's mouth, and King George got his mouth open now."

"Climatologists think our winter will be a mild one."
Oh, but ye Old Farmers Almanac says it's gonna be nasty.
Fight! Fight! Fight!

bets, anyone?

Ann Richards kicked ass. She should have challenged W. to a duel when they were competing for the Texas governor's office.

Then, after vanquishing him at 30 paces and serving her term, she should have run for president in 2000 with John Kerry as her running mate. The ticket could have ridden out on twin motorcycles at the height of the convention, promised national health care, and then crushed the token Republican opposition like a bug.

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