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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Latest Indignity Heaped on the Defenseless Traffic Circle at 14th & Howell

Posted by on September 10 at 17:20 PM


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Don't worry:

While it is true that all lobbyists contain dangerous amounts of lead and mercury, the modern lobbyist is encased with a thick, nearly impenetrable insectoid carapace designed to last at least 10,000 years without exposing their deadly contents to the outside world, as well as ensuring that no human or other organic influence can touch the delicate interrior structures that make possible the amazing things lobbyists can do.

No technology can make a 100% safe lobbyist, of course, so children and pets must never be allowed to physically touch them. But the environmental concerns we once had for the safe disposal of unwanted or obsolete lobbyists are a thing of the past.

Damn, I used to have an RV just like that one in the background. She was black with a shag carpet interior and she ended up breaking my heart. Damn you Renault motor company!!!

Is that legal in WA? Back home you can't put campaign signs on medians or other public strips of land. Not that I give a rat's ass, I'm just curious.

LOL. Clearly someone on the Pedersen campaign has a good sense of humor. I like it.

I think it was the Pedersen campaign who hauled the old monitors to the proper recycling depot - then in the spirit of earned media - posted the sign.

Jamie has my vote, will win by 250 - 350 votes.

PI story on Sherman was banal and boring. If we must send an attorney at least not an asshole prosecuter.

I have watched friends railroaded by these animals - don't like their mindset at all. Very little connection to justice and big time resume building in their private system of careerism.

Go Jamie. Win, win, win.

Beside them being ugly, I believe that it is illegal in the state of Washington (campaign signs public spaces):

The law prohibits placement of campaign signs on all public property, including but not limited to: medians, boulevards, parks or public golf courses, greenbelts, rights of way to arterials or freeways, bridges or overpasses or planting strips that abut public property, such as schools, public buildings, parks or public golf courses.

This from the Voter's Pamphlet that came last week with the sad little eagle on the cover.

To me those god damn signes are more toxic than a hundred monitors!

I saw about 112,000 violations of that this weekend.

That's pretty typical. Back here in CO the son of one candidate was caught red-handed taking down an opponent's signs at midnight the Saturday before the primary. His defence? The signs were on a public right-of-way in violation of the law!

My understanding is that the law is different from city to city. I do know that it is illegal in Seattle - but no one ever gets in trouble - the DOT just takes your sign down, and you have to replace them. There are other cities (even in King County) that legally allow sign placement almost anywhere.

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